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Victoria Bruce: Why the compete silence on the easiest way to bring in tax revenue?

Last January, when our documentary film, We’re Not Broke, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, we were elated. The film’s message about how multinational corporations are cheating the American people out of desperately needed tax revenue to the tune of $100 billion a year was sure to reach the masses.

Reports of end of Occupy Charlottesville premature

Occupy Charlottesville is still alive and well and focusing on continuing to build community while highlighting among other issues the great level of income disparity in this country, according to a press release shared today with AugustaFreePress.com. According to the release, the Nov. 30 action that resulted in several members being arrested for trespassing in […]

Nancy Carpenter: Support for Occupy Charlottesville

I am writing again to declare my support for all occupations including Occupy Charlottesville. All over the country, the work is just beginning to address what is unjust both morally and economically.  Here in Charlottesville, the plight of the homeless has been brought into our visual collective consciousness more so than it has in the […]

Flashpoint to tackle Occupy Wall Street

The latest in James Madison University’s Faculty Flashpoint Series, sponsored by the Center for Faculty Innovation, will explore the Occupy Wall Street movement that has been gaining momentum in many U.S. cities and around the world over the past few months. The flashpoint will be held Friday, Dec. 2, from 3 to 4:30 p.m. in […]

Verizon to union: The grill must go, or else

In recent days, sparks are still flying over a controversial “Unify Main Street” BBQ dinner attended by several community groups that gathered with Communication Workers of America Local 2204 near Verizon headquarters on Nov. 3 in support of a fair contract for Verizon employees and for preserving middle-class jobs in the Shenandoah Valley. In a […]

Growing pains: Occupy Charlottesville gets personal

Secrecy, personal vendettas and radicalization are at the root of problems being experienced by the Occupy Charlottesville movement, which a founding member feels is on the brink of splitting apart at the seams. “It feels like chopping off a limb. The people there … I thought they were pretty good people. But I realize that […]

Key Occupy Charlottesville leader steps down, warns others away after contentious meeting

Occupy Charlottesville has taken a turn for the worse, with more radical sub-elements censoring moderate members and ideologically purging others. Evan Knappenberger, who signed for the group’s first permit, was the first member to speak to city council, and helped to negotiate the group’s stay with police before campers began spending the night in Lee […]

Occupy Staunton General Assembly

Transition Staunton-Augusta is hosting an Occupy Staunton General Assembly Thursday, Nov. 10, at 6 p.m. at 19 W. Beverley St. in Downtown Staunton. Learn more about the Occupy movement that’s sweeping the nation and the world and see how local citizens are applying its approach right here at home.

Holly Sklar: Repatriation con games

Lobbyists are storming Capitol Hill, pushing a tax holiday that would give billions of dollars in tax breaks to less than 1 percent of American businesses – and stick the other 99 percent with the bill. But of course, they can’t say that. So tax holiday advocates are using a high-powered version of the email […]

Teach-in looks at how the 1 percent crashed the economy

How did 1 percent of the population end up with 40 percent of our nation’s wealth? Why have middle class wages been stagnant while America has grown richer by the year? And, most importantly, what can we, the 99 percent, do about it? These questions and others related will be examined at a teach-in sponsored […]

Occupy movement comes to Valley, Charlottesville

The Occupy Wall Street movement that has brought international attention to issues of income inequality and the redistribution of weatlh to the superwealthy has spawned sister movements in Staunton and Charlottesville. A newly-formed Occupy Staunton/Unify Main Street group is coordinating a rally on Thursday to support Communication Workers of America Local 2204 and its efforts […]