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VDOE receives $498,010 Team Nutrition Training Grant

The Virginia Department of Education’s Office of School Nutrition Programs has been awarded a Team Nutrition Training Grant.

dinner diva leanne ely

Leanne Ely: I’m a spice girl

Cooking with herbs and spices make all the difference in the world to the end product, your meal.

dinner diva leanne ely

Dinner Diva: Myth Buster

Everyone’s concerned about watching the grocery budget these days, and rightly so! Food costs are climbing.

dinner diva leanne ely

Dinner Diva: Three ways to get the kids involved in freezer meal prep

As far as I’m concerned, basic kitchen skills are every bit as important to teach our children as are basic hygiene skills.

dinner diva leanne ely

Dinner Diva: How not to overcook meat

Cooking meat can be tricky. You want to cook it long enough so that it’s safe to consume, but not so long that it becomes tough and unappetizing.

dinner diva leanne ely

Dinner Diva: How to get your appetite under control

We’ve all been there. Our plan is printed out, the food shopped for, the preparation done—we’re ready. We are excited—this time, we’re really going to do it!

10 tips to keep healthy New Year’s resolutions

Losing weight and eating healthy usually rank at the top for New Year’s resolutions. One week into the New Year, are you working hard to keep those promises?

dinner diva leanne ely

Dinner Diva: Slow down in order to slim down

When I get asked what the secret to my slimming down was, mostly it is people who want to know about what I’m eating.


Healthy snacks to fill you with energy

Have you every thought what does it mean to eat healthy snacks? National HRT knows everything about your health and can provide you with tips on this matter.

randy forbes

Randy Forbes: A crackdown on bake sales?

And now the government is cracking down on bake sales. A couple years ago, First Lady Michelle Obama launched her Let’s Move campaign. Along with it, the President signed into law the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. Both are targeted at reducing childhood obesity, a laudable goal indeed.

Dinner Diva: Seven fun and fast gluten-free breakfasts

Over and over again, I hear people say, “But what will I eat for breakfast if I’m going gluten-free?” OR “Gluten-free fill-in-the-blank is so expensive!”

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Calorie counting doesn’t work for weight loss: Except that it does

An article in Time makes the claim that “calorie counting simply can’t be done accurately,” and thus is no longer considered helpful for those trying to lose weight.

Dinner Diva: Seven reasons you should be using coconut oil

I’m never without a great big jar of coconut oil. I use this magical, versatile, and healthful substance in everything from baked goods and stir fries to smoothies and coffee.

Dinner Diva: The alkaline life saver?

With your body in an acidic state, you may experience pain, weight gain and you may also be at risk of developing any number of diseases.

Dinner Diva: Paleo versus primal … what’s the difference?

By now, you all know that I’m a big supporter of the paleo lifestyle. I’ve experienced the benefits myself, so it’s easy for me to get behind this way of eating.


How to give up sweet and starchy food forever

Rejection of sweets and flour is the first step that must be overcome on the way to a slim figure. But how to abandon the sweet and starchy food when it beckons you? Cakes, sweets, biscuits … For the majority of women giving up sweets is a real feat.

Virginia Tech researchers develop new way to assess healthy beverage intake

There may be a better way to think about daily drinking habits that impact health conditions such as obesity and diabetes, according to a new study by Virginia Tech researchers.

Dinner Diva: Five restaurant worthy summer dips

When it’s hot outside, you may be tempted to head to the deli for your favorite dips. But, nine times out of ten, those packaged food items are full of non-healthy ingredients. Luckily, you can easily make your own summer dips that can take a regular snack or mid-day meal from okay to restaurant-worthy.

New dietary guidelines: What’s good, what’s bad, what does it all mean to me?

Remember when eggs were bad? And coffee – really bad. Caffeine in general, cholesterol, you had to avoid it. That was so … early 2015.

augusta health

Changes in dietary guidelines: What does it mean to you?

Augusta Health dietitian Kara Meeks talks with AFP editor Chris Graham to talk about proposed changes to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The new Dietary Guidelines currently undergoing review in Washington will set the tone for national food policy on food labels, school lunches and more.