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‘A Bitter End’: The print newspaper faces day of reckoning

“A Bitter End,” read the headline of an early edition of Monday’s Boston Globe, delivered to newspaper subscribers in Florida.


Small newspapers don’t like new overtime rules

The newspaper industry has an issue with the new overtime pay rules. Big surprise there, if you know anything about the print news business.

You need to advertise: But can you cut through the ad rep crap and get what you need?

The ad rep sitting across from you will tell you how important it is that you buy the big ad package that he has designed just for you. How do you have any idea of knowing if it’s going to work?


Public notice bills killed in House subcommittee

Two bills that would change state law allowing localities to expand their options for meeting public notice requirements failed to make it out of a House of Delegates subcommittee this week.


Public notice ads are a thing of the past: And yet, they’re here to stay?

Legislation proposed by Staunton Republican Del. Dickie Bell would give local governments in Virginia flexibility in advertising public notices outside current requirements to pay to publish the notices in local newspapers.

Newspaper websites, pay walls, and the solution for businesses

More and more newspapers are pushing you to advertise on their websites. But there is something they aren’t telling you …. those same newspapers are pushing their content behind pay walls.

Ken Plum: Legislative redistricting remains an issue

Just last month a panel appointed by Governor Terry McAuliffe to look at ethics issues in state government recommended that Virginia establish an independent redistricting commission to draw legislative district lines.

Sen. Warner campaign ad emphasizes record of bipartisanship

The Senator Mark Warner re-election campaign today released an ad, “Stronger”, in which Sen. Warner emphasizes his efforts to reach across the aisle and find common ground.

Register online for Advertising 101 class from Augusta Free Press

What do you do to get your word out? TV, radio, newspapers, online advertising: there’s a lot out there for us to use to promote our businesses, but how do we know we’re getting the best bang for our bucks?

Staunton Music Festival opens 17th season

More than 60 top international musicians arrive in Staunton early this week for rehearsals prior to Staunton Music Festival’s 17th season. The festivities begin with a lavish gala dinner, ball, and concerts. Nineteen more concerts follow through August 24.

Enjoy online shopping discounts with coupons

If you love shopping there is no reason to give up on your favorite past time. One of the best ways to enjoy online shopping discounts is through the use of online coupons.

Andy Schmookler: The politics of hostility

How did it come to this? How did our political life in America get to be so drenched in hostility?


Petersburg Progress-Index sold to New York City-based firm

New Media Investment Group Inc. (“New Media” or the “Company”, NYSE:NEWM) announced Tuesdaythat it has completed two acquisitions with a total purchase price of $15.3 million that includes the purchase of the Petersburg Progress-Index.

Andy Schmookler: Duty means going beyond what we’d do for ourselves

Duty is an old-fashioned word. And as one who was part of the “counter-culture” more than forty years ago, I recall when such words were regarded with displeasure and even disapproval.

Author/historian Charles Culbertson highlights Staunton

With the continued popularity of his two earlier books of Staunton history drawn from the archives of the current & earlier local newspapers, Charles Culbertson has finally produced a third volume of all-new stories!


Media news: Senate committee kills public notice legislation

A State Senate committee effectively killed legislation that would have taken public notices out of newspapers. The Senate Committee on Local Government voted 12-3 on Tuesday to “pass by indefinitely” Sen. Ralph K. Smith’s SB 472.

Michael Petit: Urge Congress to vote no on cuts to food assistance

Members of Congress have announced a deal on the “Farm Bill” and it just passed the House by a 251-166 margin. It will now move to the Senate. 103 Democrats voted against the Farm Bill on concerns that cuts to the food stamp program were draconian. And they’re right.


Staunton newspaper history featured at R.R.Smith Center

The Augusta County Historical Society launches an exhibit, a lecture, and a book signing at the Smith Center on Thursday, January 23 to celebrate the history of newspapers in this community.

Augusta County Historical Society Fall Meeting focuses on Lewis family

As our nation looks back on that defining period of the Civil War – a history played out 150 years ago – it is sometimes too complex to grasp. The reality is that the history of that tragic war is actually comprised of millions of unique stories, some told on the battlefield and some on the homefront. One family’s history in that war will be the topic of the Augusta County Historical Society’s Fall Meeting to be held Sunday, November 3, at 3 p.m. at Augusta Stone Presbyterian Church in Fort Defiance.

Chris Graham: The bottom line to marketing … show me the money!

It’s all about money, in the end. Keep that in mind when you’re thinking through your marketing.


Your right to know? Or your favorite newspaper’s right to continue to exist?

Republicans in the General Assembly are once again taking aim at state laws requiring local governments to post public notices in local newspapers.

Legislation to give local governments legal-ad alternatives dies in House subcommittee

Landes, Bell bills would have given localities wide range of options to disseminate public notices Story by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net Legislation from a pair of local lawmakers that would have allowed city and county governments to bypass having to publish legal notices in newspapers of record has failed in a House of Delegates subcommittee. The […]

The Pulse | A better bailout

   Column by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net The talk about a government bailout for the news media – and yes, there’s been plenty of talk on that of late – is bunk. Yeah, I’m known for being direct. It’s bunk, balderdash, for those thesaurically challenged, it’s pure crap. Which isn’t to say that I’d turn down […]