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Ellen Arthur, Angela Lynn raise issue with Republican Christian heritage ad insert

Democratic Party House of Delegates candidates Ellen Arthur and Angela Lynn are raising issue with an ad insert in the Thursday issue of the News Leader in which Augusta County Republicans call on voters to preserve their “Christian heritage” with votes for GOP candidates.

Republican Christian heritage ad: How not to do political marketing

The goal for any marketing campaign is to get attention to whatever it is you’re trying to get attention to, and to prod a specific action as a form of reaction. In that context, let’s look at the ad insert in the News Leader in Staunton from Augusta County Republicans.

Reporting the news, or sensationalism? Thoughts on coverage of the Staunton murder-suicide

Reporters from several local news organizations were on the scene within minutes of police being called to Cherry Hill Drive in Staunton Wednesday night to investigate reports of a double shooting.

For sale: Stone Soup Books and Cafe

Absent a buyer, Stone Soup Books and Café is set to close its doors at the end of the year. Owner Mary Katherine Froelich cites the changing nature of the book industry, with increasing market share going to Amazon.com for hardcovers and paperbacks and the rise of e-books, as the key factor.

Ruth Jones named City of Staunton communications manager

Staunton City Manager Steve Owen announced today that Ruth Jones has been selected to fill the position of communications manager for the City of Staunton.

Chris Graham: Immigrant invaders in Staunton

The Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Center is housing seven children from Central America have been placed at the center in the past month. Meaning the world, as we know it, is coming to an end.

Tried as an adult? Controversy in Staunton over slaying charges

Staunton Commonwealth’s Attorney Ray Robertson said Monday that he plans to try the as-yet unnamed 16-year-old suspect in the murder of a 26-year-old Staunton man last week as an adult.


Analysis: It’s not a deficit if it’s a wish list

The headline in the News Leader last week said a lot: “Augusta County schools face $3.9M deficit.” And it was an accurate picture, at least based on what county school leaders wanted the local media to paint for them.

Reporter, Staunton native Chris Lassiter publishes first book, You’re Grounded

Area journalist, freelance writer and youth mentor Chris Lassiter will hold his first two book-signings of his book, You’re Grounded, published by Moody Publishers. You’re Grounded is introduction to Christianity and the Christian life aimed at readers influenced at hip-hop culture.


News Leader building for sale

As part of its ongoing strategic transformation, the News Leader is placing its property at 11 North Central Avenue in Staunton for sale and has begun exploring real estate options that better meets its future business needs.

Lock this clown up, and throw away the key

A convicted killer gets two years for molesting a 10-year-old girl. Justice is served, oh, yeah. You might have missed the headlines. There are so many of these types of cases involving adults taking indecent liberties with children that they can become part of the background noise of life. This one means something to me, […]

AFP InDepth | You’re going to make me pay now?

Local paper puts content behind pay wall Valley newspaper publishers are watching with great interest how the Daily News-Record in Harrisonburg fares with its recent move to put its online content entirely behind a pay wall. “That’s a pretty bold move. It will be interesting to see how it works out. I think publishers everywhere […]

Landes: ‘The White House is checking on whether they support the president’

Is Steve Landes using your tax dollars to track down wild partisan allegations that the White House is tracking your blogs and comments? He told the News Leader for a story on the “Nazi” remark controversy published Friday morning that he has staff engaged in the pursuit of “information out there that the White House […]

Did Pyles initiate the conversation on religion?

“I did not initiate the call nor the question.” That comment might lead you to think that Tracy Pyles was simply responding to a question from News Leader reporter Trevor Brown on the issue that Pyles had raised privately with 20th District Democratic Party nominee Erik Curren three months ago about how Curren’s mix of […]

Fellow Democrat raises issue with Curren’s faith

“Do Augusta County Democrats have a death wish?” That was what greeted me to the desk this morning, an e-mail note from a friend and Democratic Party strategist with a link to a story in today’s News Leader discussing 20th District House candidate Erik Curren’s religious beliefs and criticisms from fellow Democrat Tracy Pyles to […]

The Leader endorses Parshall

Nearly 1,300 words about hatemonger Janet Parshall in Saturday’s News Leader, and the only thing the staff writer could come up with as being even the slightest bit critical is that “not everyone agrees” with her to-the-right-of-Himmler stances on abortion, gay rights and faith, family and freedom.

Newspaper numbers continue tumble

Local newspaper circulations are continuing their downward trend, based on my analysis of the most recent report of data from the Audit Bureau of Circulations. The News Leader saw its Sunday circulation drop 1.8 percent in the six-month period ending March 31, 2009, from where it was for the six-month period ending Sept. 30, 2008. […]

The tea party that happened, not the one they told you about

The tax day tea party at Augusta Expoland in Fishersville turned into conspiracyfest lowlighted by a rambling speech about black helicopters and unmanned drones used by the federal government to take down the Twin Towers on 9/11 and additional such nonsense.

Raining cats and dogs

A dog wearing a top hat, a cat wearing a pulled-back veil and holding a bouquet. The dog saying, “Then we said, ‘What the heck … if gays in Vermont can get married, why can’t we?’” And then the kicker – when the News Leader’s Jim McCloskey is pressed on what he was trying to […]

Half-Truths and No-Truths

Saxman reading Drudge It’s in a video produced by the Capital News Service at Virginia Commonwealth University showing state legislators from both sides of the aisle goofing off on the Internet during the 2009 General Assembly session. See the video for yourself below.

The Rumor Mill Says …

– That Reo Hatfield is going to run for City Council. – That Cory Alexander is going back to the UVa. bench. – That a local paper is going online-only.

An explanation for cuts at the Leader?

A story in today’s Wall Street Journal on the sudden and unexpected retirement of USA Today president and publisher Craig Moon had an interesting nugget about how the decline in travel has been impacting circulation at the flagship newspaper in the Gannett chain. Moon told the Journal that USA Today has lost about 100,000 papers […]

The Rumor Mill Says …

– That Tracy Pyles is going to run for the House of Delegates. – That folks are already making moves regarding the 2010 elections in Waynesboro. – That Bob Goodlatte might be in trouble in 2010. – That there is more bad news in the offing at the News Leader. 

Staunton police still searching for High’s handgun

They’re still looking for the murder weapon. The .25-caliber handgun thought to be the weapon used in the 1967 murders of two High’s Ice Cream employees has tested negative, the Staunton Police Department announced in a press release Tuesday morning. The gun had been handed over to police by News Leader employee Kathy Myers, who […]

News Leader cuts 15 positions

One blog is calling it the “biggest mass layoff in newspaper industry history,” and part of it is ongoing in the Valley. The News Leader cut 15 job positions on Tuesday as part of a move initiated by its corporate parent Gannett Co. Inc. that will result in 10 percent of the Northern Virginia-based media […]

Sixth District: It’s time for new blood in Congress

Story by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net Sam Rasoul forced the Sixth District Democratic Party to live up to its name. It had been 10 years since the party had even tried to challenge Republican Congressman Bob Goodlatte in the Sixth, after his 40-point win over then-Roanoke mayor David Bowers in a race that had seemed at […]