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Nan Russell: Dueling frames

Like dueling pianos competing for attention at Jellyrolls, a fun piano bar on the Boardwalk at Walt Disney World, the digital frames in my office are competing as well. To my right sits a frame all about “the girls.” Random granddaughter pictures culled from the last four years since my elevation to Nana status: babyhood, […]

Winning at Working: Herd mentality

Booths featuring products and services related to employee engagement, mobile learning, global performance, and results measurement were overflowing with conference attendees as I walked the trade show at a national conference where I was speaking. Just a few years ago the magnets were initiatives like total quality management, six sigma, diversity, work-life-balance, and customer driven. […]

Nan Russell: Natural inspiration

The hints commenced with the changing landscape, traversed by dramatic colors and intriguing rock formulations. I should have expected it. Although the travel guide provided a glimpse of what was coming, I was still not prepared for the majestic beauty and expansive, as-far-as-you-could-see, dramatic terrain of Bryce Canyon National Park. Hoodoos Cast Their Spell, the […]

Nan Russell: The journal

Twenty-some years in the making, it wasn’t a typical Christmas present. But it was, truly, a gift of a lifetime. Our son, the recipient, knew his father made periodic journal entries about the joys and challenges of raising him, about family events and world happenings, peppered with memories from his own life. But when the […]

Nan Russell: Scary voices

It was the year I first heard the kaleidoscope of voices. They harassed me for weeks over what I should be that night, providing ongoing commentary like: “Stupid idea;” “Boring;” “Not scary.” Even the lure of Milk Duds, Good ‘n Plenty, and Sugar Babies wasn’t enough to make this shy seven-year-old decide it was fun […]

Nan Russell: It’s personal

Off to dinner the night before I was the keynote speaker at a regional conference, I wanted something good, but casual; calming but moderately swift. So, my husband and I selected an interesting looking place within walking distant of our hotel. By every want I originally articulated, the restaurant exceeded expectations. Yet at the end […]

Nan Russell: Thank you, Mr. Jones

His deep voice and quick-firing speech left me uncertain and wondering if I’d understood his directions. It was clear he wasn’t going to repeat them. It was also clear he expected his new eighth grade class to quickly engage in his topic of choice – social studies. Mr. Jones intimidated me. By the end of […]

Nan Russell: You don’t need an expert

You don’t need an employee engagement expert to confirm what you already know and Gallup polling substantiates: the majority of employees are disengaged at work. You don’t need an employee survey to tell you why discretionary efforts are tamed, passions for work are fleeting, and ideas are tethered. And you don’t need a consultant to […]

Nan Russell: Different stories

In the Scheme of Things column by Nan Russell www.intheschemeofthings.com After a long weekend celebrating my husband’s milestone birthday, we waited for our delayed flight home. With a tight connection in Salt Lake City, the odds were not in our favor as we boarded the regional jet in San Francisco. That set-back magnified on the […]

Nan Russell: Beyond your tasks

Column by Nan Russell www.nanrussell.com   Ever hear the story of the two masons working side by side at a building site? They’re doing the same work under pretty much the same conditions. One day a stranger comes along, approaches one of the men and asks, “What are you doing?” “I don’t know and I […]

Nan Russell: What basics?

Column by Nan Russell www.winningatworking.com   The cyclical and now ubiquitously appearing phrase, back to basics, ignites supporters. The reasonableness of returning to previously successful principles, ethics, systems, accountability, approaches, or you-name-it, appears a tantalizing remedy for our individual or collective woes. Who can argue with the refocusing trend of business to trim waste or […]

Lifetimes Columns

– A Dad’s Point-of-View: The best thing about getting older is … – The Dinner Diva: Plasticware – In the Scheme of Things: Seeing the world – Man-to-Man: My history with my woman    A Dad’s Point-of-View: The best thing about getting older is … Column by Bruce Sallan www.brucesallan.com   I had lunch with […]

A Slice of Life: Tuesday, Feb. 23

– Nan Russell: Heart stories – A Dad’s Point of View: Stick with the rules, even when it’s hard – The Dinner Diva: Spice it up     Nan Russell: Heart stories www.intheschemeofthings.com     The picture sits on my desk. I’m not sure why I like it near me, but I do. Accidently discovered in a […]

Workplace heists

  Column by Nan Russell www.nanrussell.com Seated in the courtyard of a sports bar during a playoff game in the home city of one of the teams, it was an energetic crowd that Sunday. While we’d come for a quick bite to eat, we caught a glimpse of a play now and then as home-team […]

Celebrating birthdays

   Column by Nan Russell www.nanrussell.com Spoken like a seasoned life traveler, the words from my 3-year-old granddaughter came as an assumptive statement of fact following our shopping excursion. “I don’t like old people,” she told me. “Well, I’m old and you like me,” I said. “No Nana, I don’t like old people.” I know […]

The camera

   Column by Nan Russell www.nanrussell.com It wasn’t any camera. It was the revolutionary Kodak Instamatic, housed in a shiny black case, with a built in flashcube, using a 126 cartridge. All my high school friends had one, or so it seemed to me. I told my parents it was the only gift I wanted […]

Maybe Scrooge was right

   Column by Nan Russell www.nanrussell.com Thirteen percent. That number should make you pause if you manage staff, lead a group, or own a business. It’s a number recently released from an on-line survey reported by Reuters. According to Right Management, a subsidiary of Manpower Inc, only 13 percent of employees surveyed said they “planned […]

Casual comments

  Column by Nan Russell Columns, letters: freepress2@ntelos.net “Nana, when I get older, I want blue eyes,” my nearly 3-year-old granddaughter remarked, prompting a discussion about eye color followed by praise for her dark brown eyes. Still she persisted in her wishful thinking, telling to her grandfather, mother, and father that she was going to […]

Nan Russell | Unexpected pleasures

How many times have I been on this road? Fifty? A hundred? Each one accompanied by beautiful pleasures: an overflowing spring river, a forested fall tapestry, a majestic summer sunset, a topped off wintry peak. But this time the delight was an unexpected one. Only a few miles into Glacier National Park, a momma grizzly, […]

Nan Russell | The art of change

From the iron age to nearly the industrial age, blacksmiths prospered. Villagers needed plows, shovels, iron tires for wagons, nails and tools to build their homes, all of which the blacksmiths forged. They needed their horses and oxen shod and their tools repaired. Being a blacksmith was a sound professional choice.

Nan Russell | Only issues

I nearly missed hearing him. Attending the national speakers conference during a particularly complicated and challenging week, I decided to skip the luncheon in order to gain two hours to tackle mounting e-mails and deadline work. But a persistent inner voice reminded me that I should take advantage of the conference. After all, why had […]

Nan Russell | Choosing a path

Reading in the airport while waiting for a flight to Houston, a housekeeper was tidying around me when approached by another facilities employee. After a few minutes of easily overheard chit-chat, she received coaching from her now apparent supervisor. “You know,” he said, “I’d like you to pace yourself.” Intrigued by his words, I stopped […]

Nan Russell | Two-sided answers

The room was lovely, the bed inviting, the architecture interesting, and the philosophy appealing. That was my impression as we checked into a newly minted green-hotel in a resort town where we were eager to spend time relaxing. But when we checked out, lovely wasn’t on my mind. Protective glass on the combined soaking tub/shower […]

Nan Russell | Everyday actions

Enthralled with the majestic surroundings on a recent Washington, D.C., trip, I was inhaling the experience as my husband, Dan, and I walked to a lunch destination a few blocks from the White House. A flawless weather day, the outdoor cafes were thriving with suited men and women. 

Nan Russell | Needing and wanting

“I need a bar,” her 2-year-old voice stated, referring to a breakfast bar she sometimes eats. “No,” I said coaching her on word usage, “you want a bar.” “No, Nana! I need a bar,” she loudly restated in case her grandmother (that’s me) hadn’t been tracking her request.

Nan Russell | State of mind

The call came as we were leaving on a typical Montana Friday. Whenever possible, my husband and I spend the weekend at our off-the-grid cabin on the North Fork of the Flathead River. Today we were anxious to get the car loaded, enjoy the beautiful weather, and begin a relaxing jaunt to our mountain oasis.

Nan Russell | Leveraging your future

A friend’s hairstylist saw her bookings drop as the economy fell, ultimately losing her job at a salon. But when my friend asked her if she’d be willing to make a house-call to style her ailing mother’s hair, the stylist saw an opportunity. Ultimately, she launched a specialized in-home business and now makes more money […]