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Expert on aging: Mother’s Day love goes beyond sustaining emotional bond

Reaching out to mom on Mother’s Day sustains an emotional bond – and can also reduce reduce her stress and help avoid social isolation.

Mother’s Day, and iced tea

It’s my first Mother’s Day without my mom. And yes, it feels empty and meaningless.

You’re Not Alone: Mother’s Day misfortunes

Your parents die and you get a few bits of information from remaining relatives. That’s how Mother’s Day is for me.

Celebrate mothers – and all parents – on Mother’s Day and beyond

As Mother’s Day nears, first and foremost, let’s celebrate all mothers – they are a critical part of our American society and families.

Rochelle Lefkowitz: Forget me not

New moms often get frilly, even funny cards and e-greetings for their first Mothers Day. But this Sunday, the first Mothers Day after Newtown, twenty Connecticut mothers will get no sweet, hand-lettered card or chalky clay handprints from a much-beloved young son or daughter. Instead, it will simply be another day to put on a brave face for family and friends, to live through the daily heartache of unbearable loss.

Susan Shaer: A Mother’s Day message

Security. It’s something we all want and need. Especially mothers. It is also something that I, as many Americans, often take for granted

Jim Bishop | Sending love letter to Mom compresses the miles

I zip around the corner to the entry door to my hair stylist (my style still leans towards an early ’70s look), and behold, a traditional bleeding heart bush rises up to greet me. Seeing this floral display of petite pink flowers suspended on tender vines immediately stirred memories of my home place when our […]