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The World According To ChrisGraham.com: Hey, we’re a 3-9 football team right now

“Unemployment remaining unchanged at 9.5 percent and the loss of over 130,000 jobs once again confirms that President Obama’s economic policies have failed to create sustainable job growth.” This is what passes for statesmanship these days, I guess. The quote is from Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. I get it. He has to say […]

Valley Blue Dog | GOP Diversity: Can’t we all just get along?

Once upon a time, the GOP was monolithic with issues, so what’s up with the Republican Party of late? Over the past 30 years, the Grand Old Party has been reduced to mudslinging political infighting.  GOP Chairman Michael Steele calls this hot-butter popcorn. Popcorn? Not a chance. I believe it’s a case of true colors and say […]