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Michael Ragland: Threat to Israel

There is an ancient saying that goes “to the victor goes the spoils of war.” Israel in its war with several Arab countries won that land in the 1967 war. I think at times they greatly regret they did, given all the terrorism and death which has occurred. Israel describes its state as primarily one of Jewish character although it is a democracy and has Arab-Israeli citizens. Land developers and construction companies are alike more or less the world over; they are interested in fast profits

Michael Ragland: ‘Recovery Model’ of mental health and state funding

Relatively recent “recovery principles” in mental health stems around the motto self determination, recovery, and empowerment. The genesis of this was the President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health (2003). Despite the fact the Virginia DMHMRSAS mission (now rechristened the Virginia Department of Behavioral and Developmental Services) statement is, “Our vision is of a “consumer-driven […]

Michael Ragland: Death with Dignity

In the past there have been numerous historical struggles of civil rights of various people’s, often minorities; rights and freedoms that provide an individual specific rights such as the freedom from slavery and forced labour, freedom from torture and death, Of course, the term “civil rights” entails more than this but one civil right which […]