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Virginia Tech students create field of dreams for Clifton Forge Little League

Throughout the academic year, 15 third-year architecture students from Virginia Tech’s College of Architecture and Urban Studies have been working to complete a sports complex for the Little League in Clifton Forge, Virginia.

Jennie Finch Softball Camp returns to JMU

This weekend, the JMU softball team welcomes Jennie Finch to the area as the former Olympic gold medalist will host her Jennie Finch Softball Camp this Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 6-7, at the Bridgewater Community Little League Park.

Marietta McCarty: I’m a baseball fan

It must have been hard for my father to dash my eight-year-old dreams, his voice quivery as he assured me that I would not grow up to play second base for the Yankees. He replaced (or tried) my bat and glove with a tennis racquet, and we set out together to hit another kind of ball. But I still have my glove just in case. Iā€™m a baseball fan.