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ACLU: Don’t follow Cuccinelli’s advice on immigration

The ACLU of Virginia on Wednesday sent a letter to Virginia police chiefs and sheriffs telling them not to follow a recent opinion from Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli on investigating immigration status, because the opinion is legally faulty and would lead to adverse public safety consequences. The ruling, the ACLU notes in the letter, ignores […]

Cuccinelli weighs in on immigration enforcement

It’s settled, according to Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli – local and state law-enforcement officers in Virginia can ask about the immigration status of anyone stopped or arrested. This is from a legal opinion issued by the attorney general’s office last week to answer a question posed by State Del. Bob Marshall, a social conservative […]

Cuccinelli joins group backing Arizona immigration law

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has joined a coalition of nine states filing an amicus brief in federal court supporting Arizona’s new immigration reform law. “In creating immigration laws over the years, Congress created a joint federal-state cooperative immigration enforcement program,” Cuccinelli said in a statement released on Wednesday. “States merely report the immigration status of […]