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House of Gridlock: New Degner web ad going viral

Democratic congressional nominee Kai Degner launched a campaign ad called House of Gridlock, which stars his opponent, Rep. Bob Goodlatte.

Kai Degner talks Sixth District race, issues with Viewpoints on WVPT

Sixth District Democratic Party congressional nominee Kai Degner is an anti-establishment candidate in the year of anti-establishment candidates.


Viewpoints: One-on-one with Kai Degner

Kai Degner, the Democratic Party nominee for the Sixth District seat in Congress, joins Viewpoints to talk about his challenge to incumbent Republican Congressman Bob Goodlatte.

Letter: A more broadly personal, kinder Kai Degner

We found Kai Degner to be more broadly personal, kinder than reported by The News Leader in its 10-1-16 “Degner … pipeline” article.

Kai Degner: Goodlatte directly profits from eminent domain for Mountain Valley Pipeline

Sixth District nominee Kai Degner is hitting his opponent’s personal investment in a company that profits from the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline.

Bernie Sanders nonprofit backs Kai Degner for Congress

Our Revolution, the nonprofit inspired by the Bernie Sanders campaign, announced today it has endorsed Kai Degner for Congress.

Kai Degner: Bob Goodlatte complicit in Wells Fargo scam

Kai Degner is tying Bob Goodlatte’s obstruction of the Arbitration Fairness Act to the recent Wells Fargo scam.

Single Sixth District congressional debate scheduled

SIxth District challenger Kai Degner and 24-year incumbent Rep. Bob Goodlatte have agreed to a single debate time and location: October 17th in Lynchburg.

First Kai Degner radio ad stresses urgency for government reform

Kai Degner, Democratic candidate for Virginia’s 6th congressional district, released his first radio advertisement in the Roanoke market this week.

Friends of Augusta endorses Kai Degner for Congress

Friends of Augusta, a local pipeline opposition group, is formally endorsing Kai Degner, of Harrisonburg, for Congress in the Sixth District of Virginia.

Can Kai Degner flip the script in the Sixth?

Kai Degner is, as he admits, 24 years and a million dollars behind in his race for the Sixth District congressional seat.

Kai Degner to host Justice Summit on Saturday

Kai Degner, Democratic candidate for the Sixth District congressional seat, will hold the first of five citizen summits in his campaign’s Founding Principles Series on Saturday.

Kai Degner to sign anti-corruption pledge on Monday

Sixth District Democratic Party congressional nominee Kai Degner will hold a press conference on Monday to discuss his campaign’s Vision for Action.

Kai Degner: How many Americans should remain cruelly and unusually punished?

Kai Degner is critiquing recent comments from Sixth District Republican Congressman Bob Goodlatte slamming President Obama for commutations of scores of people convicted for gun and drug crimes.

Open letter to Bob Goodlatte questions Trump support, campaign money

The following is an open letter from Sixth District Democratic nominee Kai Degner to incumbent Republican Congressman Bob Bob Goodlatte.

Kai Degner for Congress announces Founding Principles Summit Series

Kai Degner announced the Founding Principles Series as the cornerstone of his campaign to represent Virginia’s Sixth District in Congress.

ABM to save City of Harrisonburg over $2.5 million

ABM (NYSE:ABM), a leading provider of facility solutions, announced its ABM Building Services business has been selected by the City of Harrisonburg to implement a second phase of energy and facility improvements through ABM’s Bundled Energy Solutions program.

Special election set in 26th

Edited by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net   Gov. Bob McDonnell has set the special election for the open seat in the 26th House District for June 15.

Degner: ‘Best shot in years’ for Dems in 26th

Story by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net   Kai Degner may be hitting one of those windows of opportunity that the universe seems to offer up every few hundred million years or so. “We think this is the best shot in years to win the seat,” said Degner, the Harrisonburg mayor and presumptive Democratic Party nominee in […]

The AFP Show: Monday, April 5

Hosted by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net   The AFP Show is back with a politcs theme for today’s show. Editor Chris Graham talks with Harrisonburg attorney Gene Hart about the open 26th House District seat representing Harrisonburg and Rockingham County in the Virginia House of Delegates. Hart’s name has been mentioned as a possible candidate for […]

Race in 26th beginning to take shape

Story by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net   The race for the soon-to-be-open seat representing Harrisonburg and a swath of Rockingham County in the Virginia House of Delegates is starting to take shape. “I’ve made the decision. I’m not going to run this year. I may do something again in the future, but 2010 is not going […]

Degner to announce in 26th

Story by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net   Harrisonburg Mayor Kai Degner is throwing his hat into the ring for the soon-to-be-open 26th District seat in the Virginia House of Delegates. “At a time when the General Assembly’s decisions are so severely impacting local government budgets, be it in education, transportation, law enforcement, environmental security, social services […]

Why regional business leaders should blog

   Column by Kai Degner www.whykai.com As the DNRonline.com has been “paywalled,” meaning people need to pay to read it online, there are a number of added challenges to inform the public on important matters. However, there’s one with a more direct added financial impact: business leaders from outside the area can’t read about or […]

Young, younger, youngest

Story by Chris Graham Tim Williams is young for a city mayor at 43. But Williams, entering his second year as mayor of Waynesboro, has nine years of experience in city government under his belt dating back to his term on the Waynesboro School Board. That makes him the grizzled veteran of the young mayors […]

The AFP Blog – Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2009

– Perriello criticizes tobacco tax in SCHIP bill, Wednesday, 1:40 p.m. – Conservation easements top 100,000 acres in Valley, Wednesday, 12:50 p.m. – Treasury announces new restrictions on executive compensation, Wednesday, 12:50 p.m. – House GOP pushing mental-health reforms, Wednesday, 12:50 p.m. – House bill allowing government-sanctioned sectarian prayers at government meetings unconstitutional, ACLU says, […]