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JoePa gets his wins back: The NCAA got what it wanted from Joe Paterno, moves on

The headlines today out of Happy Valley, Pa., have the NCAA about to restore 112 Penn State football wins previously vacated in the final years of the Joe Paterno era in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

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Chris Graham: An early look at Penn State-UVa.

UVa. fans were understandably excited when the 2012 football schedule was released a few months ago and Penn State was listed as one of the nonconference home games for the upcoming season

Chris Graham: Keep pretending, Penn State

There’s a lot of pretense these days involving Penn State. Don’t let yourself get caught up in thinking that it ended when they took the statue of JoePa down

Eugene Lee: When college sports loses perspective

In college towns all across America, intercollegiate athletics – especially college football – play an integral role in the college atmosphere and spirit of a university. Unfortunately, the sordid revelations of the past week in Happy Valley have exposed the most despicable part of big-time college athletics, especially among powerful college football programs. In the […]

Beamer wins Paterno Award

Frank Beamer was named this week as the winner of the inaugural Joseph V. Paterno Coach of the Year Award. Beamer has led the Hokies to 11 straight wins, an ACC title, and a spot in the Orange Bowl versus Stanford. More impressively, he brought his team back from the brink of an 0-2 start, […]