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Spring into summer for the next Miata cruise

Yes, Virginia, there will be a spring Miata cruise – but it’ll have to wait until summer

Jim Bishop: Letting go is hard and slow

I’ve known this for a long time but it’s still not easy to publicly divulge – I’m not good at “letting go, moving on.” For example, I don’t like face-to-face goodbyes when someone leaves our congregation for another setting about the time that we really got to know and appreciate them, especially those persons who […]

Jim Bishop: Miata cruise set for Sunday

Yes, Virginia, there will be a fall cruise of area Mazda Miata mavens (that’s you!). The date: Sunday afternoon, Sept. 25 (sorry if you already have a conflict). Once again, participants will assemble at the lonely Waterman Square Shopping Center parking lot, corner of W. Market Street – Rt. 33 west – and Waterman Drive. […]

Jim Bishop: Swan song-A fugue of bittersweet music

“Friends, I will remember you, Think of you, pray for you . . .” – The late John Denver (1971) Urban legend has it that novelist Louis L’Amour (1908-1988) was speeding along at his typewriter and his daughter, a child at the time, asked, “Daddy, why are you writing so fast?” Louis replied, “Because I […]

Jim Bishop: Retired-Do not spindle, fold, mutilate or commiserate

For some time, I wondered what I would do and how I’d feel on my last day of work; ditto for the following day, my first official day of (gulp!) retirement. Well, now I know, because I’ve been there, done that. Honestly, in the aftermath, I’m not sure I have it all figured out. And, […]

Jim Bishop: She sowed seeds of love in children’s garden of learning

“You, who are on the road must have a code that you can live by. And so become yourself because the past is just a good bye. Teach your children well . . .” – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (1970) VIRGINIA BEACH – What times we live in. I’m sitting at water’s edge of […]

Jim Bishop: Parental Guidance Suggested

“Oh, my pa-pa, so funny, so adorable Always the clown so funny in his way. Oh, my pa-pa, to me he was so wonderful Deep in my heart I miss him so today.” – Eddie Fisher (1953) Among my favorite Warner Brothers’ vintage cartoons is “A Bear for Punishment,” a Chuck Jones classic featuring a […]

Jim Bishop: Counting in my sleep is sheep-inducing (That’s baaaaaad)!

“And the mem’ries sweet Of the days repeat In our dreams they creep While we sleep, sleep, sleep.” – Little Willie John (1960) Last night, I promptly dropped off to sleep and dreamt that I ate a giant marshmallow, and upon awakening this morning, my pillow was gone. You took that lying down, like a […]

Jim Bishop: A Ford in my past drives recollections in the present

OK, gang, let’s sing along with Jim (those of you old enough to remember this heavy hit from – man alive – 1955): “You loaded sixteen tons, whattaya get?” Everyone – “Another year older and deeper in debt. St. Peter don’t ya call me ‘cause I can’t go . . ” And pray thee, why […]

Jim Bishop: Memories, pressed between the pages of our lives

On this Memorial Day weekend, I ask openly, why are memories so important to us earthlings? Maybe that’s not the proper way to phrase the question. Some people may go out of their way to suppress certain memories. For others, their minds are playing nasty tricks on them as victims of Alzheimer’s disease. I need […]

Jim Bishop: Reader, beware – You, too, may soon be obsolete

I arrived home from work the other evening to hear a rather depressing voicemail message: “This is _______ from ________. I’m afraid the problem with your riding lawn mower isn’t a broken belt. The clutch is gone, and your mower is so old that we can no longer even special order that replacement part. Let […]

Jim Bishop: Receive these baccalaureate blessings for the road

I’m neither a preacher nor a theologian, although earlier on my daughters would have declared that indeed I did preach at them regularly. And even though I’m a Bishop, I’m not ordained – disdained, maybe. There seems to be a prevailing notion that if one has had a few things published along the way that […]

Jim Bishop: Lordy, Lordy, This Commencement is Number 40!

The pomp and circumstance will soon be under way. President Loren Swartzendruber will acknowledge the 451 members of the Eastern Mennonite University graduating class of 2011 and invite them to begin coming forward to receive their hard-earned degrees. Hopefully, the weather tomorrow, May 1, will allow the pageantry to take place outdoors, on center campus, […]

Jim Bishop: Something new, fresh personifies this joyful Eastertide

It was one of those too rare early spring days that unexpectedly emerge out of the blue. The sky remains clear, the air fresh, temperatures slowly rise and hover in the low 70s and the distant haze dissipates, revealing the purple majesty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I could only be outside a short time, […]

Jim Bishop: Senior moments to remember, if only I could

What’ya got on? Your mind? I’m not completely certain these days. I know I’m experiencing increasingly large dosages of “senior moments.” The malady manifests itself numerous ways, chief among them – injecting more typographical and inexcusable grammatical errors into my writing, moving body text around and then failing to delete the edited copy, specifying the […]

Jim Bishop: Woodsman, glad you didn’t spare that tree!

We already miss it, but it’s good we decided to do away with it. A silver maple (species: Acer saccharinum) that has dominated the front yard of our Belmont subdivision dwelling over the 40 years we’ve lived there, is all but gone. What remains is the rock-solid base, some 44 inches across, and we’re stumped […]

Jim Bishop: Quite Quirky Quixotic Quintessential Queries Qualmishly Quoted

How goes it without saying (Trischman’s Paradox) – a pipe gives a wise man time to think and a fool something to stick in his mouth. I wisely don’t smoke a pipe, but am not smart enough to realize, until now, that I missed April Fools Day by a day. I did learn long ago […]

Jim Bishop: Address, Confess and Bless This Stress Mess

“When this ole world starts getting me down, I go up where the air is fresh and sweet. . . ” Where’s that? For the famed rhythm and blues group, The Drifters, their escape route was “Up on the Roof,” to lower their anxiety and stress levels. In the process, this Gerry Goffin-Carole King composition […]

Jim Bishop: Great Getting’ Up Mornin’ . . . for ScrappleFest VI

It once again proved a tasteful occasion, at least in the eyes – and palates – of those Bishop relatives present. The time had arrived for the long-anticipated ScrappleFest VI, a celebration of food, family, camaraderie and faith. Male Bishop first cousins, descendants of the late Walter S. and Priscilla B. (“Nana”) Bishop of Harmony […]

Jim Bishop: Who has disabilities? We all do!

“Don’t tell me about your doubts, I’ve got enough doubts of my own. Tell me something you BELIEVE in,” goes a line in a sketch from the late standup comedian Dave Gardner (1926-1983). “Brother Dave” served up a strange mix of offbeat, socially-aware humor delivered in a stream-of-consciousness Southern storyteller style. I was introduced to […]

Jim Bishop: Enter March Madness – bring it on!

“Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, and I say it’s all right.” – The Beatles, 1969 January creeps by more slowly than fund appeals on public broadcasting. February slips by faster than the time period between hitting the sack Sunday night and the grating buzz of the alarm clock Monday morning. March pounces […]

Jim Bishop: Winding up the lowly estate as the biological click keeps ticking

It was another reality check, the day aided and abetted by spritely spring like weather to soften the blow. I hadn’t planned to raise the subject of retirement again in this space anytime soon, but am finding that the theme is saturating my marshmallow mind to the point that speaking about it publicly is energizing […]

Jim Bishop: Nice work, if you can get it

After nearly 44 years in the same occupation – the secrecy of which didn’t permit me to know what I was doing – I decided to change jobs, not realizing what hard work that would be. In timely fashion, I started out as a watchmaker, which was great because I got to make my own […]

Jim Bishop: Bob & Tess-St. Valentine’s right-hand couple

I just attended my third funeral locally since the start of the year – with a fourth coming up on the weekend – somewhat disconcerting in itself. Stop it, people! You loved life with a passion, so did you leave us this way, I think frequently as pay my respects to the families of these […]

Jim Bishop: Radio daze-Once more, with frequency

I’ve recognized it a long time, but this latest experience confirms that I’m not good at letting go, moving on. On Friday evening, Feb. 7, I unlocked the old radio studio, threw the microphone switch and the golden voice of the airwaves intone, “Good evening, I’m Jim Bishop, welcoming you to the final – that’s […]