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Chris Graham | How? vs. How Much?

We’re running a few minutes behind to get to the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner to hear former President Bill Clinton, and my wife, Crystal, is at wit’s end. We’d spent the sunny, springlike afternoon with my college roommate and his wife in Richmond and taken our swanky dinner clothes with us to change there instead of being […]

Videocast | Bill Clinton addresses Virginia Democrats

Former President Bill Clinton was the keynote speaker at Saturday’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Richmond. AFP editor Chris Graham was on hand for the annual Democratic Party of Virginia event and chronicles the high points of the speech on the future of the Democratic Party. Length: 23:54.

Money and the influence it has

“People should know money does not influence our business,” Staunton Republican State Del. Chris Saxman said yesterday, talking up his proposed bill that would ban state lawmakers and statewide officials from attending fundraising events sponsored by a political party, lobbyist or campaign contributors during the annual Virginia General Assembly session.