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Investigation of roadside zoo reveals dead, dying animals, neglect and abuse

An undercover investigation at Natural Bridge Zoo revealed abuse and neglect of animals including the persistent mistreatment of tiger cubs—from birth—used for public handling and trauma inflicted on primates bred for the exotic animal trade.


Dangers of leaving your pet in a hot, parked car

With the summer months upon us, pet travel is at it’s height and it’s time for a reminder about the dangers of leaving your pet in a parked car.

Puppy mill bill heads to Gov. Terry McAuliffe for final approval

Virginia is for . . . puppies? The Commonwealth is about to find out. “Bailey’s Law,” Sen. Chap Petersen’s puppy mill protection act passed the Senate and House and now goes to Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s desk for his approval.

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Puppy mill bill passes House of Delegates

Puppies received an enthusiastic “yea” vote from the Virginia House of Delegates today. In a vote of 99-0, the House joined the Senate in passing “Bailey’s Law,” a bill designed to protect both puppies and consumers from the ravages of so-called puppy mills.


Spay/Neuter executive director to present at the Humane Society of the United States Expo

Shenandoah Valley Spay/Neuter and Potomac Spay/Neuter Clinic Executive Director Cate Mansfield will be speaking at the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) Animal Care Expo in Nashville, Tennessee on May 8th-11th, 2013.

Poll: Virginians oppose ‘fox penning’

A new poll conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research shows that Virginia voters overwhelmingly oppose the abuse of animals in “fox penning” operations by a more than 8-to-1 margin—and a majority support legislation to prohibit the practice. Fox pens are fenced enclosures where dogs are released in competitions to chase down and torment captive foxes, […]

Earth Talk | Is hunting good or bad for the environment?

Dear EarthTalk: Hunting seems to be a real controversy among environmental advocates. Can you set the record straight: Is hunting good or bad for the environment? – Bill Davis, New York, N.Y.Like so many hot button issues, the answer to this question depends upon who you ask. On the one hand, some say, nothing could […]

Humane Society lauds judge in local puppy-mill case

Just days after The Humane Society of the United States and local authorities removed almost 100 dogs from deplorable conditions at “Oak Leaf Kennel” in Stuarts Draft, an Augusta County General District Court judge barred the puppy mill owner, Kyle Brydge, from keeping or breeding companion animals for at least two years. Brydge had been […]