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House Democrats renew call for gun safety reform

The Virginia House Democratic Caucus today renewed their call for reasonable gun reforms following yesterday’s mass shooting at a Florida high school that left at least 17 people dead:

virginia house democrats

House Democrats roll out bills on workforce development, small businesses

House Democrats are rolling out legislation that supports workforce development and small businesses in Virginia.

virginia house democrats

House Democrats roll out legislation to support working people

Led by House Democratic Leader David J. Toscano and Caucus Chair Charniele Herring, House Democrats gathered today to present several of their top legislative priorities to support working families.

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House Democrats achieve proportional representation on committees

The Virginia House Democratic Caucus today achieved two significant victories for the people of Virginia by negotiating an agreement with Republicans that resulted in recorded subcommittee votes and proportional representation on committees.

virginia house democrats

House Dems respond to GOP efforts to hang on to majority

The Virginia House Democratic Caucus today issued the following statement on the 94th House District race from communications director Katie Baker.

virginia house democrats

House Democrats reiterate demand for redistricting vote

Virginia House Democrats reiterated their call for a vote to amend the state constitution to create a nonpartisan redistricting commission.

virginia house democrats

House Democrats call on GOP to oppose repeal of Affordable Care Act

Leaders among Virginia House Democrats are calling on Republican colleagues to oppose the congressional repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

House Democrats demand vote on nonpartisan redistricting

House Democrats are calling for a vote on a bill to amend the state’s constitution to create a nonpartisan redistricting commission.

virginia house democrats

House Democrats condemn abortion-shaming resolution

Virginia House Democrats today condemned the advancement of a resolution that would shame women who have had abortions.

virginia house democrats

House Democrats welcome Ward, Price to leadership team

The Virginia House Democratic Caucus today elected two new members to fill vacancies on their leadership team.

virginia house democrats

House Democrats focus on jobs, economic opportunity

House Democratic leaders today rolled out a robust package of new initiatives that will strengthen the New Virginia Economy.

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House Democrats thank McAuliffe for commitment to jobs, economy

Virginia House Democratic leaders thanked the governor for his commitment to creating jobs and strengthening the state’s economy.

virginia general assembly

House Democrats unveil plan for refinancing student loan debt

Virginia House Democrats today announced new legislation that would allow borrowers to refinance student loan debt.

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Democrats condemn removal of Jane Roush from Virginia Supreme Court

Today, the Virginia House Republicans voted to reject the confirmation of Justice Jane Roush to the Virginia Supreme Court.

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Democrats point to missed opportunities in House budget

The Virginia House of Delegates passed HB 30, which will fund the Virginia government through the end of Fiscal Year 2018.

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House Democrats offer up midterm report card for House Republicans

Wednesday, the day after crossover and the mid-point in the 2016 General Assembly session, House Democrats released their Midterm Report Card.

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House Democrats release Terrible Bill Watch List

House Democrats are highlighting some of the bills that are the most troubling introduced in the 2016 session.

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House Democratic Caucus holds elections for caucus leadership

Del. David Toscano (D-Charlottesville) was re-elected Minority Leader of the Virginia House of Delegates by acclamation at the annual winter retreat of the House Democratic Caucus on Saturday.

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House Democrats: Tebow Bill unfair to public school students

House Democrats voted against sending HB1626 to Governor McAuliffe’s desk on Thursday. Introduced by Del. Rob Bell (R-58), the Tebow Bill – while allowing homeschooled students to participate in public school athletics – would unfairly create easier sets of academic standards for homeschooled athletes over public school athletes, putting them on unlevel playing fields for eligibility.


Virginia House Democrats respond to Republican budget

The House Democratic Caucus released the following statements on the budget that passed today in the House of Delegates.

House Democrats urge bipartisan support for education funding

Today, the House Democratic Caucus released a statement urging House Republicans to support a state budget that includes badly needed funding for Virginia schools.

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Senate Democrats call for Joe Morrissey to resign

The Virginia Senate Democratic Caucus this afternoon joined House Democrats and Gov. McAuliffe in calling Del. Joe Morrissey’s immediate resignation.

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Virginia House Democrats statement on the conviction of Joe Morrissey

In light of his conviction for contributing to the delinquency of a minor, the House Democratic Caucus calls for the immediate resignation of Delegate Joe Morrissey.

Ken Plum: Defeating ObamaCare

In a speech on the floor of the House of Delegates recently I spoke of experiences I had in my first years as a member when others in the House smoked during the daily floor sessions. One member was notorious for lighting up a long cigar. A cloud of smoke hung over the House chamber …

House committee kills minimum wage increase

A voice vote in the House Commerce and Labor committee killed a measure to increase the minimum wage in Virginia. The bill, SB 590 (Sen. Dave Marsden, D-Fairfax), would have raised the state minimum wage from $7.25 to $9.25 incrementally over the next two years.

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House Democrats on Mark Herring’s decision to not defend marriage ban

The House Democratic Caucus released the following statement on Attorney General Mark Herring’s decision to challenge Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage.

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Virginia House Democrats announce 2014 legislative agenda

The Virginia House Democratic Caucus announced its priorities for the 2014 legislative session on Thursday.

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House Democrats: Virginia’s seaport too important for shotgun sale

House Democrats today criticized Gov. Bob McDonnell’s hurried quest to overhaul operations at the Port of Virginia.

House Dems step up rhetoric on education funding

Members of the House Democratic Caucus are vowing to protect school funding in the budget prior to next month’s vote. Education remains a point of contention in Gov. McDonnell’s 2012 biennium, with the overwhelming majority of new money going into Virginia’s retirement system instead of into the classroom. Del. Ken Plum (D-Fairfax) spoke on Monday […]

House Dems announce support for health-insurance competition bill

Today, House Democrats announced their support for legislation to set up a health insurance marketplace in Virginia. Delegates Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) and Jennifer McClellan (D-Richmond) are introducing legislation modeled after the recommendations of Governor Bob McDonnell’s Virginia Health Reform Initiative (VHRI). The VHRI was formed to implement the federal health care reform law in Virginia. […]

House Dems: Need to make sure state budget funds core functions

House Democrats offered measured reactions to Gov. Bob McDonnell’s budget proposal as outlined during the Joint Finance Committee meeting Monday morning. “This is the first opportunity we’ve had to see the complete budget and not just the pieces that have been released by the governor over the past few weeks. This budget deserves a thorough […]

A move on moment from House Dems

“Just say no! Just say no!” Seriously? That’s the best House Democrats can do these days – is mirror House Republicans? Any semblance of sanity on the Dem side is now officially history, which means, for all intents and purposes, there isn’t any semblance of sanity in D.C. anymore. Not that there was much even […]