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New Year’s Chaos: Not your average indy house show

It starts with state-of-the-art sound for ring entrances. Then there are the multiple big screens that will be used to highlight the superstars who will bring New Year's Chaos to life. A steel-cage match here, a possible world-title change there, and you can get a sense of what Marvin Ward, the general manager of Top Rope Pro Wrestling, is trying to do.

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Suggested New Year’s Resolutions for New Year’s Chaos

It's that time of year - when we all vow to go to the gym, stop eating like horses, go to bed at a decent hour and a million other things that we want to do, know that we should do, and have no intention of doing anymore this time next week. They're called New Year's Resolutions, and they apply to professional wrestlers, too. Imagining what the wrestlers on the card at New Year's Chaos might be resolving for 2013 ...