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randy forbes

Randy Forbes: A no-nonsense approach to taxes

Grab a pencil. Here’s a quiz. How many types of taxes can you list that most Americans pay? Two? Five?

robert hurt

Robert Hurt: Today’s students are tomorrow’s innovators

This past week, we had the opportunity to visit a number of schools across the Fifth District and learn about the curricula our students have been studying.

environment climate change

Administration blocks Atlantic Coast offshore drilling

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management announced Tuesday that the Atlantic Coast will not be included in the next five-year oil and gas leasing program.

virginia general assembly

Recommendations from Campus Sexual Violence Task Force passed by General Assembly

The General Assembly has now passed four bills codifying recommendations of Governor Terry McAuliffe’s Task Force On Combating Campus Sexual Violence.

Senate expected to nominate Ken Cuccinelli for Supreme Court

The State Senate is expected to vote today to appoint former Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to a seat on the Virginia Supreme Court.

robert hurt

Robert Hurt: We must help small business, startups access capital

This past week the Financial Services Committee held our first legislative mark-up of the year, approving 10 bills to reduce regulatory burdens on our Main Street businesses.

virginia general assembly

Senate committee votes to defund Planned Parenthood

The Senate Committee on Education & Health voted Thursday to report a bill that would defund women’s health centers across Virginia, including Planned Parenthood affiliates.

virginia general assembly

Democrats condemn removal of Jane Roush from Virginia Supreme Court

Today, the Virginia House Republicans voted to reject the confirmation of Justice Jane Roush to the Virginia Supreme Court.

tim kaine

Senator Kaine Joins Latinos con Hillary to Get Out the Vote in Arlington

U.S. Senator Tim Kaine and Latinos from across Virginia will hold a ¡Latinos con Hillary! rally to help get out the vote for Hillary Clinton in advance of the March 1 primary.

virginia general assembly

Senate upholds local control for charter schools

A Senate committee declined to report Del. Rob Bell’s (R-Charlottesville) charter schools proposal.

chris graham podcast

Podcast: Chris Graham talks presidential race, ACC basketball on WREL

Augusta Free Press editor Chris Graham talks presidential politics and ACC basketball with host Jim Bresnahan on WREL-1450AM in Lexington, Va.

bernie sanders

Bernie Sanders calling Clinton bluff on Wall Street speech transcripts?

The Bernie Sanders campaign on Friday urged Hillary Clinton to keep her word and release the transcripts of speeches she gave to Wall Street firms “when everybody else does.”

hillary clinton

New Hillary Clinton Virginia TV ad discusses criminal justice system

In a new ad, “Broken,” Hillary Clinton discusses the fundamentally broken criminal justice system that disproportionately hurts African American families.

bernie sanders

Opposing the plutocracy means opposing the warfare state

Bernie Sanders wants to stay on message. So his presidential campaign has focused on economic issues. The American economy is rigged, Sanders says.


City leaders want to delay new Waynesboro High School talks: Smart move

Waynesboro City Council leaders want to delay talks with the Waynesboro School Board over the future of Waynesboro High School until after the May city elections.


You cannot exonerate prisons

A recent study conducted by The National Registry of Exonerations found that in 2015 there were a total of 149 people who were exonerated for a myriad of reasons.


Je Suis #ResearchParasite

In an editorial at the New England Journal of Medicine, Dan Longo and Jeffrey Drazen have coined an interesting new term: “research parasite.”

harry griego

Harry Griego endorsed by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

Sixth District Republican congressional nomination candidate Harry Griego has been endorsed by the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC.

albemarle county

Albemarle County reassessment notices mailed on Friday

Albemarle County is sending 2016 Change of Assessment notices to taxpayers this week reflecting changes in property values resulting from the County’s recently completed annual reassessment.


Flint’s toxic waters reflect government

Flint is among many cities in Michigan, like Detroit, that have lost their luster since the automotive industry slowed down.

Fox News debate trumps Trump

Donald Trump assumed the Fox News Republican presidential debate would take a ratings hit without Donald Trump. Score this one Fox News 1, Donald Trump 0.

Tebow Bill clears State Senate committee

The latest effort at a Tebow Bill, this one introduced by State Sen. Tom Garrett, R-Buckingham, SB612, reported out of a Senate committee on Thursday.

Video: AFP editor Chris Graham on Donald Trump, GOP race, Iowa

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has yet to face any kind of real media scrutiny. Augusta Free Press editor Chris Graham speculates on why.


The pernicious state

Government is more than a territorial monopoly on aggressive force. It’s also the heir to a centuries-old manufactured mystique.

bob mcdonnell

U.S. Supreme Court to review Bob McDonnell conviction

The United States Supreme Court agreed Friday to hear an appeal of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell’s conviction on corruption charges.

george allen

George Allen: Why I support Marco Rubio

It is a time for choosing. A time for choosing the best person to motivate and inspire America in the upcoming Republican primaries and pivotal presidential election.

george allen

George Allen endorses Marco Rubio for Republican presidential nomination

Today in an interview on the Fox Business Network, former Virginia Governor and Senator George Allen announced he is endorsing Marco Rubio for president.

hillary clinton

League of Conservation Voters releases digital ad in support of Hillary Clinton

The League of Conservation Voters is releasing a new digital ad in support of Hillary Clinton for president that touts Clinton’s leadership on climate change.

environment climate change

Free the Hammonds

Bigotry comes in multiple forms. It’s evident at present in some progressives’ responses to events in Burns, Oregon.

tim kaine

Tim Kaine invites drug addiction prevention advocate to State of the Union

Sen. Tim Kaine announced that his guest to President Obama’s State of the Union address will be Don Flattery, who lost his son Kevin to an opioid overdose in 2014.


Fact sheet: Obama executive actions on gun violence

President Obama is set to announce executive actions on Tuesday aimed at curbing gun violence. The White House released a fact sheet detailing the actions late Monday.

Chap Petersen bill to limit civil forfeiture of property prior to conviction

State Sen. Chap Petersen has introduced legislation that will limit the ability of law enforcement to take property from citizens prior to conviction.


Poll: Majority buys Trump nonsense on Muslims celebrating 9/11

It doesn’t matter if large groups of Muslims in New Jersey celebrated the fall of the Twin Towers on 9/11, as long as you believe they did.

robert hurt

Robert Hurt: A message to Fifth District Virginians

For the past five years I have had the rare privilege of serving as the representative in the U.S. Congress for Virginia’s Fifth District.

terry mcauliffe

Governor McAuliffe receives final report from Integrity Commission

Governor McAuliffe received final policy recommendations from the Commission on Integrity and Public Confidence in State Government.

ken plum

Ken Plum: Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

Virginians, especially those around the capital city, have long believed in Santa Claus.

robert hurt

Robert Hurt: A major step toward a more fair, competitive tax code

As I travel across Virginia’s Fifth District, I regularly hear how our nation’s outdated and complicated tax code is making life more difficult for people.

robert hurt

Robert Hurt announces retirement from Congress

Congressman Robert Hurt (R-Virginia) released a statement Wednesday announcing his intention to not seek re-election in 2016.


The government needs to put itself on the No-Fly List

I usually don’t dip my feet into the perilous waters of the gun-control debate for several reasons.

robert hurt

Sabato: Fifth District Congressman Robert Hurt to retire

UVA politics professor Larry Sabato tweeted Tuesday that Fifth District Republican Congressman Robert Hurt will be retiring from Congress.

environment climate change

Richard Eidlin: What’s next for the U.S. after the Paris Climate Agreement?

Well before the final negotiations of the COP21 climate talks in Paris, business was already making a big difference on the ground.

terry mcauliffe

McAuliffe makes hard sell on Medicaid expansion, but gives himself an out

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is again making the case for expansion of the state’s Medicaid system, but he’s aware that it will be a hard sell.

Is U.S. better off for Iraq? Trump, surprisingly, is the voice of Republican reason

Going head on at a question about the fallout from the Iraq war would seem to be as fun for a Republican on a live TV debate as a root canal.

terry mcauliffe

Governor McAuliffe announces $1+ billion investment in K-12, higher education

Governor Terry McAuliffe announced his budget package for Virginia’s public schools, which includes a $1 billion investment in K-12 and higher education.

How is a call to arms Christ-centered? EMU director writes open letter to Falwell

Daryl Byler, executive director of EMU’s Center for Justice and Peacebuilding, wrote this open letter to his former law school colleague, Jerry Falwell Jr.