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Why do we still pay attention to Charles Barkley?

Charles Barkley is right in saying he isn’t Uncle Tom. Give credit to Uncle Tom for at least having some level of education, after all.

September 10

Glenn Beck, God love ‘im, liked to remind us how unified we were as a country on September 12, 2001. (Whatever happened to the Beckster, anyway?)

The World According To ChrisGraham.com: The TV character Glenn Beck

I’ve made it a personal point not to let Glenn Beck get me too far off target on any particular day, my thinking being that the guy is neither a danger, nor does he have the screw loose that many outside the hardcore Tea Party set assume is the case with him. No, Glenn Beck […]

The Rant | Hands off my health care

  Video Essay by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net Limabaugh, Hannity, Beck, Boehner, DeMint, Chris Graham is calling you out. You want health care to be Obama’s “Waterloo”? You guys must really hate America, not to mention us Americans who have been shouldering the burden of rising health-care costs as your buddies make a mint at our […]

Daily Rant | The 9/9 Movement

The right has the 9/12 Movement. The left has the 9?10 Movement. AFP editor Chris Graham muses about the value of something he calls the 9/9 Movement. 9/9 was a nice NFL football Sunday. The country had come together by and large after a controversial presidential election. Chris claims a stake in 9/9 in today’s […]