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Trump administration announces gas, oil lease plans

U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke today announced the next step for developing the National Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program (National OCS Program) for 2019-2024.

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Celebrate America’s Birthday with lowest July 4th gas prices since 2005

Mid-Atlantic drivers will see Stars and Stripes this weekend, as well as the lowest gas prices for Independence Day since 2005.


Gas prices reach 2016 high

The national average price of gasoline increased slightly over the past week, and has reached a new high for 2016.

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AAA: Gas prices climb to six-month high

Gas prices are at their highest levels in more than six months, and the national average has remained above $2 per gallon for 46 consecutive days.

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Gas prices pushing above $2 a gallon mark in Virginia

Gas prices in Virginia moved higher by nine cents per gallon on the week and 15 cents more per gallon on the month.

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Virginia gas prices still below $2 a gallon

Gas prices in Virginia are still below $2 a gallon, even as record-high demand has pushed the national average to $2.13 per gallon.

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Gas prices headed up toward Memorial Day?

While the national average has dropped, regional gas prices have been yo-yoing as stations receive summer-blend gasoline.

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AAA: Gas prices back above $2 a gallon nationally

Gas prices have increased largely due to seasonal increases in fuel demand and reduced production as some refineries conduct maintenance.

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AAA: Gas prices continue recent climb

A recent increase in gas prices is due to a decline in gasoline supplies, relatively strong demand and continued refinery maintenance.

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Gas prices rising steadily: AAA

Gas prices nationally have climbed by six cents per gallon versus one week ago and are likely to continue to rise as the spring refinery maintenance season ramps up.

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Mid-Atlantic gas prices continue decline: National average up this week

Mid-Atlantic gas prices continue a slow decline, with areas in Virginia breaking the sub-$1.50 barrier.

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AAA: Gas prices about to push back up?

Gas prices in the region continue to decline, but the party may be coming to an end sooner than many would like.

Bob Goodlatte: A new energy tax? No thanks, Mr. President

President Obama’s new proposal to tax oil and potentially raise the price of a gallon of gas by up to 25 cents is harmful.

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Gas prices remain well under $2 a gallon

National average gas prices have now spent 37 consecutive days below the $2 per gallon benchmark.

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AAA: Gas prices continue downward trend

Gas prices have spent more than 30 consecutive days below $2 per gallon as pump prices are headed toward the lowest mark in six years.

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Gas prices continue to fall

Gas prices throughout the Mid-Atlantic region continue their steady decline and within the next week or two may all be under the $2 mark.

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Low gas prices: It’s all about the oil

Oil prices continue a 14-month dip, revolutionizing prices at the gas pump. Today’s national average price is $1.90, down 7 cents from last week.


Good news: Gas prices continue decline

Gas prices rang in the New Year by reaching the lowest average price ($1.997) for the holiday since 2009.


AAA: Gas prices at lowest level in six years

Mid-Atlantic drivers are paying the lowest average price for regular unleaded gasoline since 2009, and the national average is one cent away from dropping below $2 per gallon.


AAA: Gas prices nearing six-year low

The national average gas price dropped below the 2015 low price of $2.03 and should soon fall below the $2 per gallon mark for the first time since 2009.

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Gas prices below $1.90 a gallon across Virginia

The national average gas price remains poised to fall below $2 per gallon by Christmas, and Virginia is already well within that benchmark.

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AAA: Gas prices continue to fall as Thanksgiving holiday approaches

Gas prices have fallen since Nov. 12, reaching today’s national average price of $2.08 per gallon, and an average price in Virginia of $1.92 a gallon.

AAA: Gas prices back under $2 a gallon across Virginia

Like autumn leaves, motorists have come to expect gas prices to fall this time of year. In recent weeks, gas prices moved up across the country and in the Mid-Atlantic region due to regional refinery maintenance. However, this week gas prices have begun to retreat and many areas in the Mid-Atlantic are seeing averages under $2 per gallon again.


AAA: Gas prices inching upward after weeks of falls

The national average price of gas has seen a reversal of course this week, inching upward to $2.22 Sunday. Despite this slight uptick, the national average continues to sit at its lowest price for this date since 2007. Pump prices have declined by 9 cents month-over-month and motorists are benefiting from significant yearly savings, with today’s price 72 cents per gallon less than a year ago.


AAA: Virginia gas prices continue downward slide inside $2 a gallon

Gas prices continue their move inside the $2 a gallon mark in Virginia, with the average in the Commonwealth at $1.96 a gallon for regular unleaded Sunday morning, down three cents a gallon from last week, and 81 cents a gallon from a year ago.

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Gas prices holding steady in Virginia

Gas prices in Virginia are down on average one to three cents a gallon across the state. On the whole, pump prices remain discounted across the country, and drivers are saving an average of 4 cents per gallon month-over-month, and 87 cents per gallon year-over-year.


AAA: Gas prices inching up slightly

Gas prices have inched up slightly over the last few days but remain relatively stable, with today’s national average price for regular unleaded gasoline at $2.32 per gallon. Today’s average price is up 3 cents compared to one week ago, providing drivers with a savings of 4 cents per gallon month-over-month.


AAA: Gas prices continue to fall

The sweet sound of falling gas prices is music to the ears of motorists, and it’s the kind of news they don’t mind having repeated each week. Today’s national average price for regular unleaded gasoline is $2.29, representing a monthly savings of 24 cents per gallon as prices continue to fall lower.


AAA: Gas prices to continue to fall

Gas prices fell for 31 consecutive days, ending the slide this Friday, staying unchanged and not going up.


AAA: Gas prices below $2 a gallon across much of Virginia

The 2015 summer driving season ended with gas prices at their lowest point for the Labor Day holiday in more than a decade. Motorists in Virginia are paying an average price of $2.08 per gallon at the pump today, a savings of $1.08 per gallon in comparison to the same date last year.


AAA: Drivers to pay lowest Labor Day gas prices since 2004

Gas prices continue to drop, and most drivers should pay the lowest gas prices for Labor Day weekend since 2004.


AAA: Gas prices continue downward movement

Gas prices have dropped recently despite ongoing refinery problems, and prices should continue to fall this autumn due to declining demand and the switchover to winter-blend gasoline.


Gas prices continue downward trend

Gas prices in Virginia continue to drop, at an average of $2.30 per gallon for regular unleaded, down five cents a gallon frmo a week ago.


AAA: What’s up with falling gas prices?

Gas prices continue to dip across most of the country, including the Mid-Atlantic region. The average gas price in Virginia on Sunday morning was $2.35 per gallon, down 88 cents per gallon from a year ago.


AAA: Gas prices down for the past three weeks, signaling trend?

Gas prices nationally have dropped for 18 days in a row, which is the longest consecutive decline since January. Sunday’s national average price of $2.65 per gallon marked a seven cent per gallon drop in the past week and a12 cent drop since the same time last month. Many drivers are saving 86 cents per gallon at the pump compared to a year ago.


AAA: Lowest summertime gas prices in five years have Americans driving more

Gas prices remain relatively stable as the summer driving season kicks into gear. Travel and gasoline consumption are expected to be higher this summer compared to levels in 2014, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecast earlier this week.


Columbia Gas of Virginia reminds public to pay attention to technicians locating underground utilities

Columbia Gas of Virginia is reminding any person – homeowners, excavators and contractors – to stay safe by calling 811 at least three working days before you begin to dig and pay attention to technicians marking the location of underground utility lines.

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Independence Day gas prices expected to be lowest in five years

After reaching a new high for 2015 last week ($2.80), average gas prices have dropped slightly to $2.78 per gallon Friday. This price is four cents higher than one month ago, yet remains significantly discounted from this time last year with drivers saving an average of 90 cents per gallon year-over-year.

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AAA: Gas prices about to drop soon?

There is a good chance that average U.S. gas prices will drop soon due to stabilizing crude oil costs and as refineries complete seasonal maintenance, which would result in the cheapest summertime gas prices since 2009.

AAA: Gas prices reach 2015 high

Gas prices reached their highest level of the year on Memorial Day ($2.74), rising 41 of 44 days (through Friday). But despite the overall trend of rising gas prices, consumers paid the lowest prices at the pump for Memorial Day since 2010.

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AAA: Gas price increases slow in time for Memorial Day

The unofficial start of summer is here, and gas prices are at their lowest point at the Memorial Day holiday in five years.

AAA: Gas prices continue to climb as Memorial Day weekend approaches

Gas prices continue to climb, with the busy Memorial Day weekend just one week away. The national average price of gasoline (through Friday) had increased for 29 of the previous 32 days to $2.69 per gallon. Drivers are paying three cents more per gallon than one week ago and 30 cents more per gallon than one month ago.

AAA: Gas prices climb to 2015 high

Average gas prices have moved higher for 23 consecutive days (up 27 cents per gallon), due to higher crude oil costs and a number of refinery issues. Friday’s national average gas price of $2.66 per gallon represents the most expensive average price of the year.


AAA: Gas prices climb 17 cents in last two weeks

The national average price for regular unleaded gasoline climbed above $2.50 per gallon on April 24 for the first time in more than four months.


AAA: Gas prices up sharply in last week

Gas prices have leaped by double digits in Virginia, climbing 14 cents within the week and 16 cents over the last month, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic.