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Gas prices leveling off in Virginia, Mid-Atlantic

Across the Mid-Atlantic region, gas prices have leveled off and many areas are seeing prices up to four cents less than this same date last week.

Gas prices headed back down?

Regional gas prices have declined slightly on the week, and it is possible that prices have begun to stabilize.

Virginia gas prices still below $2 a gallon

Gas prices in Virginia are still below $2 a gallon, even as record-high demand has pushed the national average to $2.13 per gallon.

AAA: Gas prices continue to fall as Thanksgiving holiday approaches

Gas prices have fallen since Nov. 12, reaching today’s national average price of $2.08 per gallon, and an average price in Virginia of $1.92 a gallon.


AAA: Gas prices back under $2 a gallon across Virginia

Like autumn leaves, motorists have come to expect gas prices to fall this time of year. In recent weeks, gas prices moved up across the country and in the Mid-Atlantic region due to regional refinery maintenance. However, this week gas prices have begun to retreat and many areas in the Mid-Atlantic are seeing averages under $2 per gallon again.


AAA: Virginia gas prices continue downward slide inside $2 a gallon

Gas prices continue their move inside the $2 a gallon mark in Virginia, with the average in the Commonwealth at $1.96 a gallon for regular unleaded Sunday morning, down three cents a gallon from last week, and 81 cents a gallon from a year ago.


AAA: Gas prices below $2 a gallon across much of Virginia

The 2015 summer driving season ended with gas prices at their lowest point for the Labor Day holiday in more than a decade. Motorists in Virginia are paying an average price of $2.08 per gallon at the pump today, a savings of $1.08 per gallon in comparison to the same date last year.


Gas prices continue downward trend

Gas prices in Virginia continue to drop, at an average of $2.30 per gallon for regular unleaded, down five cents a gallon frmo a week ago.