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Fifty Plus: High-tech appliances and Pavlov’s theory

It all started with the water bill. Our water bill is unusually high for the low occupancy of our old home.

Fifty Plus: Keeping up with technology

I haven’t had fake nails in seven years. It got annoying getting a fill every two weeks. A girl at work, Deidre, has the cutest very long gel nails.

Fifty Plus: Always on my first day at work

It never fails. Throughout my working career one of my children or husband had a stupid emergency on my first day at work.

Fifty Plus: Sweet 16th Amendment – income tax!

It will be challenging not to drop a few vile words throughout this column. Income tax. Every year I have to pay.

linda r. jones

Fifty Plus: I won! Wait, what?

It was my first silent auction online and I was bidding on a few items. It was a lot of fun.

Fifty Plus: Chiropractors – even for wimps like me

I don’t like pain. I’m that person that gets a paper cut and needs a week convalescent leave. I don’t know how I managed to give birth.

Fifty Plus: Hockey playoffs and evil super powers

We’re fans of hockey at my house and it’s playoff season. Well, my husband and daughter are the fans with me giving just a mild rat’s ass.

Fifty Plus: Man caves

I don’t understand this obsession men have with man caves. My husband is working on his official man cave. I thought his shop was his man cave.

Fifty Plus: Plumbing issues in North Carolina

There appears to be major sewage malfunctions in North Carolina. Initially, I thought it was going to be a costly infrastructure burden on the state.

Fifty Plus: Are you not entertained?

We are ancient Rome. We welcome distractions in our country. Our country is, although it should not be, an embarrassment.

Fifty Plus: Never too old to be stupid … or get a puppy

My canine companion and best friend, Bubbles, died January 5th. She was my companion for almost eleven years. As any animal lover will understand, the loss was unbearable.

linda r. jones

Fifty Plus: Thinning and gray hair … men v. women

It’s just not fair. Men look awesome with that silver running through their hair. Thinning hair.

Fifty Plus: Aging parents

We just get our kids through college, we have a wedding or two, we have a few grandchildren, we are in debt, we think it’s finally our time, and then our parents get old.

linda r. jones

Fifty Plus: Muffin tops, the Battle of the Bulge, and the “e” word

There are a few words in the English language that repulse me. The “e” word is on the top of my list. Exercise.

linda r. jones

Fifty Plus: Hearing loss

Reading glasses are one thing, but starting to gradually lose my hearing is something else. My hearing was perfect up until a few years ago.

Fifty Plus: Reading glasses

I was strolling through the forest with my walking stick (because I’m 55), saw a hornets’ nest, observed it and thought, “Not today.”

linda r. jones

Fifty Plus: Boomer Power

This is the first of my on-going columns geared toward the baby boomers. However, generations prior and after take heed.