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‘Found money,’ ‘something necessary,’ the rebate, and stimulus

   Column by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net The so-called fiscal-conservative elected officials in Waynesboro are falling all over themselves to spend the $560,000 in “found money” resulting from last fiscal year’s budget surplus. Vice Mayor Frank Lucente has even suggested recently that he would like to see the city hold onto the money “until we need […]

The $700 billion-plus stimulus

The stimulus. Seven hundred billion dollars. It’s a lot of money, and it has our attention not just because of the amount, but because of the stakes. The U.S. economy has hit perhaps its roughest patch since the 1930s, definitely since the early 1980s recession that saddled us with double-digit unemployment and a spiraling national […]

Webb shares perspectives, insight on stimulus

Jim Webb isn’t your average run-of-the-mill partisan whose vote can be accounted for solely based on his Democratic Party pedigree. The centrist Virginia senior senator studied the economic-stimulus plan making its way through Congress line item-by-line item. “I had to be able to sit up here as I am right now and say, This is […]

Larry Yates | Stimulus

What is an economic stimulus? So-called “conservatives” say cutting taxes for the rich is the real economic stimulus. These guys cut taxes for the rich during their Iraq war, and while New Orleans flooded. It’s what they do. You have cancer? Give us a tax cut.