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university of virginia uva

Link found between immune cells, weight control, disease resistance

New research from the University of Virginia School of Medicine has shown how our DNA determines our ability to fight off viruses.

university of virginia uva

Strange circular DNAs may offer way to detect cancers

Strange rings of DNA that exist outside chromosomes are distinct to the cell types that mistakenly produced them, researchers have discovered. The finding raises the tantalizing possibility that the rings could be used as an indicator of different types of cancer.

Governor McAuliffe announces 10,000th DNA data bank hit

Governor Terry McAuliffe announced today that the Virginia Department of Forensic Science achieved its 10,000th data bank hit last month, the latest milestone in Virginia’s continuing history as a national leader in the use of this crime-fighting tool.

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GMO foods don’t need labeling, farmers say

On a recent WWBT TV 12 news segment, Virginia Farm Bureau Federation representatives explained that genetically modified crops are no different from conventional crops.

Virginia Tech scientist digs into poison resistance in snakes

The rough-skinned newt is easily one of the most toxic animals on the planet, yet the common garter snake routinely eats it.

Assessing the risks of genetically engineered crops

Earth Talk examines the potential health and environmental impacts of so many genetically engineered organisms in our food supply.

Crunching the numbers: Should Ed Gillespie have been favorite all along?

Give credit to the Ed Gillespie team for one thing: getting its voters energized and then to the polls. The comparisons to 2008 and 2012 show that victory was more possible than it even seems today knowing what we know now.

Fairfax pushes Jesse Matthew case: Good strategy?

Fairfax prosecutors are pushing ahead with their case against Jesse Matthew, a 32-year-old Albemarle County man linked by forensic evidence to the 2005 rape of a woman walking home from a grocery store, who is currently in custody related to the disappearance and death of second-year UVA student Hannah Graham.


VCU research characterizes new bacterial species associated with common non-viral STI

VCU researchers have characterized a new bacterial species that has an extremely strong association with trichomoniasis, the most common non-viral sexually transmitted infection (STI).

UVA School of Medicine study: Tampons show promise in ovarian cancer screening

A pilot study led by a University of Virginia School of Medicine researcher suggests that tampons could help detect ovarian cancer.

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Randy Forbes: My thoughts on government dysfunction

According to a Gallup survey released last year, Americans were more likely to name dysfunctional government as the most important problem facing the nation – more than the economy, unemployment, the deficit, and healthcare.

State Police: Jesse Matthew not interviewed in 2009 in Harrington investigation

Media reports that Virginia State Police investigators interviewed Jesse Matthew in 2009 in connection with the disappearance of Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington are not accurate, according to a statement from the state police late Thursday.

Press Conference: Washington coach Jay Gruden

Washington coach Jay Gruden talks with reporters on Tuesday. Washington (1-4) plays at Arizona (3-1) on Sunday at 4:25 p.m. Eastern.


VCU receives NIH grant to expand Alcohol Research Center

VCU has received a federal grant totaling $6.9 million to study the genetics of alcohol abuse and alcoholism — work that may lead to further advances in its treatment, control and prevention.

New evidence emerges in unsolved 1984 murder of state trooper

Federal, state and local law enforcement are hopeful that advancements in forensic technology can shed new light on the 30-year-old unsolved murder of Virginia State Police Trooper Johnny Rush Bowman.


Study debunks 10 most popular claims against GMOs

In light of the ongoing debate over genetically modified organisms,Popular Science magazine interviewed nearly a dozen scientists about 10 of the most common claims about GMOs.


VCU receives grant to study molecular marks left by childhood experiences

Virginia Commonwealth University has received a five-year, $3 million grant to study how adverse experiences such as severe illnesses, neglect and maltreatment during childhood leave molecular marks in DNA that predict health risks later in life.

ACC Football Kickoff: This Is SportsCenter comes to life

We sit down for the big banquet at the ACC Football Kickoff last night, and my wife, a Virginia Tech alum, class of 1999, notices somebody familiar at the next table.


VCU announces Office of Continuing and Professional Education

deliver high-quality, non-credit courses and programs to the non-traditional adult learner.

UVA detects unwanted effects of gene manipulation system

Researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine have devised a way to detect unintended side effects of manipulating genes using a revolutionary new system that is sweeping the scientific world by storm.

virginia department of forestry

Virginia tree used to uncover largest genetic code sequenced to date

Using a Virginia Department of Forestry tree seedling, a team of scientists from across the nation has decoded the genome of a loblolly pine tree. With 22 Billion base pairs, this is the largest genome ever sequenced (in comparison, the human genome has 3 Billion base pairs).

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Randy Forbes: Flags in – a reminder of the First Amendment

The First Amendment of our Constitution outlines some of those freedoms that our Founding Fathers saw as inherent to our DNA as a nation.

Jeff Jarrett announces Global Force Wrestling talent search

Global Force Wrestling will hit the road for its first official talent search and seminar, which will take place on June 1 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

university of virginia uva

UVa. links gene to stroke risk, finds clues to genetics of many diseases

Researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine have identified a key gene variation linked to an increased risk of stroke.

Keith William DeBlasio: Why do we want to keep innocent people in prison?

Why is the Virginia Legislature afraid to have laws that allow viable challenges to wrongful convictions? Does finality really trump true justice and freeing the actually innocent? Can a victim really have finality if an innocent person is sitting in prison for a crime they did not commit? Isn’t that actually just another crime in itself?

university of virginia uva

Brain mosaic named a top discovery of 2013

Under the heading “Brain Exceptionalism,” NIMH Director Thomas R. Insel, MD, highlights the discovery of an unexpected variation in the genetic makeup of nerve cells in the brain.

university of virginia uva

UVa. study: Unexpected gene variation may play role in neuropsychiatric diseases

Scientists have discovered that nerve cells in the brain are unexpectedly varied in their genetic makeup, a surprising finding that may help explain schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, autism and other such conditions thought to be genetically linked but not yet tied to a single gene.