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Job status of Mike London appears secure despite 2-10 campaign

The last two UVa. football coaches responsible for 10-loss seasons – Sonny Randle in 1975 and Dick Bestwick in 1981 – were handed pink slips for their trouble. Al Groh got a pink slip from his alma mater in 2009 after going 3-9. Mike London, fresh off a 2-10 campaign, his third losing season in four years, appears to be on his way back in 2014.

Chris Graham: Mike London, meet Dick Bestwick

Remember the DIck Bestwick era? An entire generation of UVa. sports fans and alums are only familiar with the name because they read it somwhere once. Bestwick’s last team at Virginia went 1-10 in 1981, capping a 16-49-1 tenure.