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New PAT rules in the NFL: It’s not broke, so naturally, fix it, right?

The NFL, trying to get our attention away from Deflategate, announced last week that it will now place the ball at the 15 for attempts at single points after touchdown, therein not fixing a problem that didn’t exist in the first place.

Bill Simmons out at ESPN: Don’t mess with Roger Goodell

Bill Simmons is out at ESPN, probably not coincidentally a day after laying down harsh criticism of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for his handling of the manufactured Deflategate controversy involving the New England Patriots.

Tom Brady and George Brett: Linking Deflate-gate and the Pine Tar Incident

The NFL is going to have a hard time throwing the book at Tom Brady considering that the league gave carte blanche to quarterbacks in 2006, at the behest of Brady and Peyton Manning, to let teams provide the balls to be used on offense to game officials.

Ballghazi, Deflategate: Which is it?

We have two competing funny coined words for the deepening New England Patriots footballs controversy to go by at this point: Ballghazi and DeflateGate. The terms are being used interchangeably, and on first glance, inaccurately so.