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Dallas is the fated fruit of the existing order

A gunman named Micah Johnson fired on police officers using a sniper rifle during a peaceful protest in Dallas, Texas, killing five officers.

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If Afghan lives mattered, Dallas lives would matter

The man who murdered police officers in Dallas had earlier been employed in a massive operation, that has killed many thousands in Afghanistan.

Libertarian Party national chair: End all violence

Libertarian National Committee Chair Nicholas Sarwark issued this statement today in relation to the recent shootings in Louisiana, Minnesota and Texas.

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Podcast: A wake-up call from Dallas

Dallas needs to be a wake-up call for all of us. AFP editor Chris Graham talks in today’s podcast about how the answer isn’t going to come from Washington, D.C.

Justin Anderson keying Dallas Mavericks playoff push

UVA basketball alum Justin Anderson is helping key a playoff push by the Dallas Mavericks.

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Justin Anderson: ‘Tweener, or ready to break out?

Justin Anderson is having a hard time getting minutes in his NBA rookie season, so the Dallas Mavericks have put him on the D-League train.