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ESPN cuts ties with Colin Cowherd: Is Fox next?

Colin Cowherd is out at ESPN after his latest racist nonsense tirade this week, this one aimed at Dominicans.

Colin Cowherd: Concussions are better than knee injuries

Resident tight end moron Rob Gronkowski said this week that he’d rather suffer a concussion than a torn ACL, so resident ESPN talking head moron Colin Cowherd naturally had to agree.

Three-second call: This is why Colin Cowherd roots against UVA basketball?

Watchable basketball dies a little each time UVA basketball wins. So says ESPN bloviator Colin Cowherd, who has added an anti-UVA crusade to his list of racist, sexist and other nonsensical trolling.

Colin Cowherd: This Zima’s for you

Why anybody listens to, watches or considers Colin Cowherd qualified to do more than wipe other people’s asses is beyond comprehension, but he was back at kneecapping UVA today.