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Chris Christie would shoot down Russian planes in Syria!

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is banking his campaign on selling himself as the national security guy.

Republican candidates discuss ISIS strategies

To former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, the biggest obstacle to defeating ISIS is getting “the lawyers off the backs of the war fighters.”

Syrian refugees: No huddled masses here

Not surprisingly, you didn’t find at Tuesday’s CNN Republican debate a lot of support for accepting refugees from the deadly four-year civil war in Syria.

Poll: Hillary Clinton, Scott Walker lead field in Iowa

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a commanding lead among Democrats in Iowa, and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker leads the Republican field in the Hawkeye State by double digits, according to new polling from Public Policy Polling.

Hillary Clinton gets huge support in Virginia: Poll

A new Christopher Newport University poll has Hillary Clinton with a commanding lead among Virginia Democrats looking ahead to the 2016 presidential nomination race.

If it matters: Hillary leads GOP field in early, early 2016 polling

A poll out last week from Public Policy Polling has presumptive 2016 Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton lapping the Republican Party field.

Legal action to force Ebola quarantine: Really?

Kaci Hickox has not been diagnosed with Ebola, but that seems to be immaterial as the two governors, the Centers for Disease Control and state health officials have been falling over themselves to try to appear to be doing everything they can to prevent the spread of a disease that has seen a grand total of two people stricken inside the U.S. borders.

Karen Kwiatkowski: Thoughts on the McAuliffe win in Virginia

For many conservative and libertarian Virginians, there is a dull sense of horror at the somewhat close election of uber-slimy Terry McAuliffe. We were subjected to nonstop negative ads, in particular focusing on women’s body parts. Anyone with a uterus was encouraged to “see something, say something,”

Winners/Losers: Chris Christie and gay marriage

Chris Christie dropped any hint of legal challenge to the end of the gay-marriage ban in New Jersey, meaning the marriage ceremonies that had begun just after midnight Monday morning weren’t academic exercises.

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Poll: Syria pushes Obama approval down in Virginia

Barack Obama’s job approval in Virginia is at its lowest level in two years, according to a new poll from Quinnipiac University.

Poll: Virginians divided on governor’s honesty

Virginia voters are divided 42-41 percent on whether Gov. Bob McDonnell is honest and trustworthy, compared to a July 17 survey when voters said 44-36 percent he was honest, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

Poll: Warner, McDonnell not gaining traction in Virginia for president

Virginia voters generally approve of the jobs being done by Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell and Democratic Sen. Mark Warner, but they don’t necessarily want to see either run for president.