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If I stick to grass-fed beef, can I live with myself environmentally?

For years beef industry defenders have pointed to the “carbon sequestration” benefits of grazing cattle on grasslands.

Virginia cattle exports to Canada continue to increase

The Virginia Department of Agriculture visited Canada last winter to promote Virginia beef cattle.

Virginia is home to growing beef cattle population

Virginia’s cattle population is currently 1.5 million, which is up about 30,000 head from 2016, according to the USDA.

Reopened Chinese market gives U.S. beef farmers opportunity to increase exports

U.S. cattle farmers can now export beef to China, which has opened up a previously closed market.

Survey of Virginia cattle farms coming in January

In January the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service will survey about 920 cattle operations in Virginia to provide an up-to-date measure of cattle inventories.

Farmers take steps to keep cattle comfortable in summer heat

Warmer summer temperatures can be a source of stress for people and animals—including cattle.

Adding value pays off for Virginia cattle producers through collaboration with Virginia Cooperative Extension

With more than 1.4 million head of cattle across the commonwealth, Virginia’s beef cattle industry is big business.