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A long road to profitability for ‘Familiar Strangers’

“Familiar Strangers” is set to debut in Court Square Theater in Downtown Harrisonburg this weekend. Which meant the movie had to get to Court Square Theater. And that somebody had to get it there. “We’re on the road. We’re nowhere near the end of the road,” producer Barry Sisson said on the phone from a […]

Chris Graham | ‘Familiar’ locales help tell family tale

It’s being sold as a family comedy, and certainly the approach to “Familiar Strangers” is lighthearted and tongue-in-cheek. But don’t let the ad campaign mislead you. The movie, brought to the big screen by the Charlottesville-based Cavalier Films and currently playing at The Visulite in Staunton, has a depth to it that you don’t normally […]

‘Familiar Strangers’ brings familiar faces back home for the holidays

It may never again get to sit in the director’s chair during filming of a motion picture, so I owe Barry Sisson big time. The movie is “Familiar Strangers,” though I didn’t know that two falls ago when Sisson, the executive producer of “Familiar Strangers,” gave me the big chair for a half-hour during filming […]