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randy forbes

Randy Forbes: A vision for national defense

Today, we face serious vacuums in our national defense: a lack of strategy, repeated budget cuts, sequestration, and miscalculated defense decisions.

mark warner

U.S. Sen. Mark Warner on Senate election outcome, Ed Gillespie

Statement from U.S. Sen. Mark Warner on the final outcome in the 2014 Senate election and the concession in the race from his opponent, Republican Ed Gillespie.

randy forbes

Randy Forbes: What will history say?

For decades, we’ve been prepared. We’ve led. We’ve made innovative breakthroughs. We’ve made significant advances in trade, diplomacy, global trust, and modernization. We’ve protected the American way of life. But what will history say about our ability to take on the challenges of today?

Maria Fornella: Tax fairness would allow us to invest again In our nation

Despite complaints that corporate taxes are too high, corporations on average pay only a third of the official federal income tax rate, according to a recent study by the U.S. Government Accountability Office.

Kaine: Washington can learn from the Virginia lesson

Democrat Tim Kaine is in a dead heat in his 2012 U.S. Senate race with Republican George Allen. This qualifies as good news for Kaine given his run of close political races. “I’ve never seen myself tied in a poll until about seven days before an election, so for me, it’s like, Wow, this is […]

Janice “Jay” Johnson: Cutting Social Security is a dangerous calculation

Sen. Mark Warner and the “Gang of Six” are close to a debt reduction deal and it looks like there will be substantial cuts to programs like Social Security. There is no denying that reducing the deficit is important, especially after the problematic recent Standard and Poors rating. But the question is, how. I have […]