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UVa. part of national clinical trials group for brain care

uva-logoUniversity of Virginia Health System is now one of 28 hospitals in the U.S. participating in NeuroNEXT – the Network for Excellence in Neuroscience Clinical Trials – investigating treatments for brain and neurological conditions.

university of virginia uva

UVa. study: Immune system has dramatic impact on child brain development

New research from the University of Virginia School of Medicine has revealed the dramatic effect the immune system has on the brain development of young children.

Meet ALTA: Oticon’s most advanced hearing device gets personal

After many years of research, Oticon has developed the new Alta, their most technologically advanced hearing solution currently available. Alta works in harmony with the individual way your brain processes sound, so it’s entirely personalized.

ALTA: Hearing help in harmony with your brain

Throughout your busy day, your hearing requirements are constantly changing. And they’re different from everyone else’s around you.

Hearing help in harmony with your brain: Part 3

The extraordinary technology of Alta is optimized by talking, and listening. When you consult with a hearing care professional about Alta, the first step is to create your personal hearing profile.

university of virginia uva

New UVA concussion clinic opens Jan. 17

To provide easier access to comprehensive care for patients with concussions and mild traumatic brain injury (TBI), University of Virginia Health System is opening the Brain Injury and Sports Concussion Clinic on Friday, Jan. 17.

Beers and Brews: What Do Young People Want from Staunton?

Like many smaller cities and rural communities, Staunton has long suffered a “brain drain” as our high school graduates leave for college and then don’t come back to live. Instead, they move to big cities where the jobs and attractions are.

Hearing help in harmony with your brain

Do you find it difficult to hear in a crowded airport or at noisy sporting events? The person next to you might be more challenged in meetings or group settings, when the conversation comes from different directions. We all have our own hearing preferences. It all has to do with how our individual brain “hears.”

university of virginia uva

Brain mosaic named a top discovery of 2013

Under the heading “Brain Exceptionalism,” NIMH Director Thomas R. Insel, MD, highlights the discovery of an unexpected variation in the genetic makeup of nerve cells in the brain.

ALTA: Hearing help in harmony with your brain

Did you know that the way your brain processes sound is as unique as your personality or your fingerprint? Hearing is comprised not just of receiving sounds, but how we interpret them within our brains. What we actually hear is shaped by our life experiences, our lifestyle, and our personal physical and psychological make-up.

Health Beat: The sad, sad case of the tonsillectomy gone wrong

What seemed to be a routine tonsillectomy to try to cure a sleep apnea disorder has an Oakland, Calif., teen on life support, a hospital fighting in court to be able to pull the plug, and her family fighting back trying to keep her alive.

university of virginia uva

New technology aids planned study of concussions among athletes at UVa., St. Anne’s-Belfield

To better measure the effects and causes of sports concussions, researchers from University of Virginia School of Medicine and UVA’s Curry School of Education plan to track 130 student-athletes in three sports over the next year.

Wintergreen Adaptive Sports names Dave Shreve new executive director

Dave Shreve has been named executive director of Wintergreen Adaptive Sports, a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation whose mission is to improve the lives of people with disabilities through outdoor sports and recreation. As the full-time executive director Shreve will oversee day-to-day operations, supported by a staff of five part-time seasonal employees.

university of virginia uva

UVa. study: Unexpected gene variation may play role in neuropsychiatric diseases

Scientists have discovered that nerve cells in the brain are unexpectedly varied in their genetic makeup, a surprising finding that may help explain schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, autism and other such conditions thought to be genetically linked but not yet tied to a single gene.

What Are the Various Types of Hearing Loss?

More online at www.VirginiaHearingAids.com. There are several different varieties of hearing loss, determined by which part of the auditory pathway has been impaired. In this short article we present a summary of 5 types – conductive, sensorineural, mixed, central and functional. The initial step in designing a therapy plan is to accurately establish the kind […]

Community Bingo in memory of young cancer victim

A Community Bingo in memory of 8-year-old cancer victim Norah June Mastrandea is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 2, at Stuarts Draft Elementary School.

Hearing Impairment from Live Concert Events – Fact or Fiction?

If you have ever been at a concert and found yourself thinking “This music is just too darned loud,” it doesn’t necessarily indicate that you’ve gotten too old for this sort of music.

Chris DeWald: Stroke-severe arteriosclerosis, Part II

It has been three weeks since I have been taking an old medication called pentoxifylline. My first article about this subject centered on me and what was happening to my body as a result of this disease. To recall some first concerns as to why I do not go the route of surgery is important. […]

Holidays with brain injuries

Column by Chris DeWald ‘Tis the season to be jolly, they say. I am talking about Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, birthdays and any other celebration day. Things change with a stroke or a brain injury. or those who have not had anything change, you are very lucky. To those who are caregivers, friends and family […]