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Poop-er scooper: Author breaks news on #2

You see Sarah Albee at a dinner party, and you ask her what she does. She says she’s an author, and you naturally want to know what she writes about. Poop. You gulp, take a step back, and stammer, Poop? Really? “I get asked that a lot by grownups. It’s funny. Kids never ask why. […]

UK author makes Waynesboro home

Dirk Robertson has a home away from home in the UK – in Waynesboro. “I have always believed in the positive effect writing, as an art, can have on the community, in general. That’s what made me want to come,” said Robertson, an author and novelist who makes an annual trek across the pond for […]

Waynesboro: And now starring … ‘The River City Radio Hour’

Staff Report “The River City Radio Hour” returns Friday night at 6:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. with another installment of Matthew Warner’s How the Martians Stole Christmas, music from The Boogie Kings and the “Radio Hour” debut of Bufffalo Gap High School junior Aaron Crosby. Waynesboro Police Department Lt. Mark Kearney will serve as the […]