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VCU partners with Richmond schools’ Region One Autism Education Consortium

The VCU School of Education is partnering with the state’s Region 1 school divisions to establish the Region 1 Autism Education Consortium.

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Hillary Clinton outlines autism initiative

Hillary Clinton is proposing a new, wide-ranging autism initiative that would boost screening, improve treatment and increase research.

What is the latest thinking on the environmental causes of autism?

In the 1980s, about one in 2,000 American kids was diagnosed with autism. Today the number is around one in 68.

Austin’s Bike: Waynesboro YMCA makes autistic teen’s dream come true

A red bike. That’s what Austin Sprouse would talk about when you asked him what he dreamed of. A red bike that he could call his own. But it wasn’t as easy as just going to the store and buying him a red bike.

Research aims to utilize symptom of autism to improve reading comprehension

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder often show an unwavering focus on a specific interest, a phenomenon known as having a “perseverative interest.”