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Andy Schmookler: The GOP’s troubled connection with reality

Last week provided an interesting glimpse into the political right’s pathological dishonesty (and Rachel Maddow did an excellent job of calling attention to it). It turns out that the liars are prone to lying to themselves.

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Virginia Congress Roundup: Goodlatte wins re-election

Republican Bob Goodlatte won an 11th term to represent the Sixth District in Congress on Tuesday, taking 65.6 percent of the vote to dispatch Democrat Andy Schmookler.

Schmookler concedes Sixth District race

Comments from Sixth District Democratic Party congressional nominee Andy Schmookler, who failed in his bid to unseat Republican incumbent Bob Goodlatte.

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Goodlatte on road to easy win in Sixth

Republican incumbent Bob Goodlatte is on his way to a 10th term representing the Sixth District of Virginia in the U.S. Congress.

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Chris Graham: Obama, Kaine, Goodlatte

More than a year of buildup to what had seemed to be an inevitable Barack Obama re-election was washed away in 90 minutes in Denver on Oct. 3. If not for that one night of lethargy from the president, we’d never have come across the term “Ro-mentum,” likely not had to endure 90 minutes of guffaws from Joe Biden a few nights later – and few would have cared that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie decided to focus on his job instead of presidential politiics at the worst of Hurricane Sandy.

Schmookler talks state of the race on Election Eve

It’s an uphill battle, to be sure, for Andy Schmookler, the Democratic Party congressional candidate in the bright-red Sixth District. There’s little that Schmookler, a Shenandoah County writer and political commentator, can do on Election Eve to change the state of the race. So he’s thinking ahead to the postgame.

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Analysis: Goodlatte-Schmookler race tightening at all?

The Sixth District congressional race must be tightening up more than anybody had expected. Otherwise, why would Bob Goodlatte bother to dip into his healthy warchest to produce and place TV spots in the final week of the 2012 campaign?

Andy Schmookler: That’s Bob Goodlatte’s story, and he’s sticking to it

At my press conferences last week, I called out Bob Goodlatte on a particularly important falsehood. Goodlatte had blamed the Democrats for the gridlock in Washington, but the truth, I said, is that gridlock was a deliberate strategy of the Republicans to try to regain power by making President Obama fail.

Andy Schmookler: Bob Goodlatte’s bogus ‘big government’ theme

There’s too much dishonesty in American politics these days, and it’s disabling us from navigating our way into a successful future. My opponent Bob Goodlatte is part of the problem, and one example of this is his major campaign theme that we Americans need him and his party to protect us from some threat from “big government.” This argument obscures the truth.

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Link to WHSV footage of Sixth District debate

For those who weren’t able to make it to the debates between incumbent Sixth District Republican Congressman Bob Goodlatte and Democratic challenger Andy Schmookler, which is to say, most of you, AugustaFreePress.com offers a helping hand: links to the video from WHSV-TV3 in Harrisonburg of the Oct. 15 debate between the candidates at Turner Ashby High School in Bridgewater.

Analysis: Pyrrhic victory for Schmookler on debate schedule

The good news for Sixth District Democratic Party nominee Andy Schmookler: He got his debate schedule with Republican incumbent Bob Goodlatte. The bad news: It’s likely that almost nobody, relatively speaking, will actually see the debates.

Schmookler video going viral

If Andy Schmookler can translate YouTube views into votes, he’s halfway to a monumental upset. A video of a speech given by the Sixth District Democratic congressional nominee is approaching 90,000 views on YouTube. Incumbent Bob Goodlatte won re-election in 2008 with 192,000 votes in the Sixth, garnering 63 percent of the vote in his race with Democrat Sam Rasoul.

Schmookler seeks answers from Bob Goodlatte

The campaign of Sixth District Democratic Democratic Party congressional nominee Andy Schmookler issued a press release on Thursday to “ask” Republican incumbent Bob Goodlatte a series of questions.

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Goodlatte talks ethanol with Valley businesses

Congressman Bob Goodlatte on Wednesday completed a two-day tour regarding the impacts of the Renewable Fuel Standard, also known as the ethanol mandate, on local livestock producers, food producers, and other businesses.

Andy Schmookler: From the heart

You may know that Labor Day speech I gave in Harrisonburg – the one that’s gone viral, with more than 30,000 views on YouTube. There’s another speech I gave the next day I’d like to share now.

Andy Schmookler: Class warfare

Bob Goodlatte’s campaign manager has accused me of waging a campaign of “class warfare.” Let me show how this tired old accusation provides a clear view of the moral bankruptcy of the politics practiced by Bob Goodlatte and his party.

Andy Schmookler: Delay of game penalty for Congressman Goodlatte

Mr. Goodlatte’s people say he’ll consider the terms of a debate with me when his schedule gets clearer after Congress recesses. When will that be? The end of September, Goodlatte’s spokesman says.

Schmookler continues debate push

Sixth District Democratic Party congressional nominee Andy Schmookler really, really wants to debate Republican incumbent Bob Goodlatte.


Andy Schmookler: Why I’m running

For years, America’s working people – far from being honored – have been trashed. Their pensions have been cut or eliminated; their jobs have been shipped overseas; their wages have fallen even while their companies flourish.

Schmookler takes aim at Goodlatte over ‘class warfare’

Bob Goodlatte’s campaign says Democrat Andy Schmookler is engaging in a campaign of “class warfare.”

Schmookler’s response: “This tired old accusation provides a clear view of the moral bankruptcy of the politics practiced by Bob Goodlatte and today’s Republican Party.”

AFL-CIO endorses Andy Schmookler for Congress

Andy Schmookler, Democratic nominee for Virginia’s Sixth District, has announced that he has earned the endorsement of the Virginia chapter of the AFL-CIO

Andy Schmookler: The Real Threat to American Liberties

I just finished the first round of my tour of the Sixth District, which had the title of, The Real Threat to Our American Liberties

Andy Schmookler: What exactly did Bob Goodlatte agree to?

After my press conferences at the beginning of August challenging Bob Goodlatte to debate, I was pleased that he accepted. But it is far from clear whether Mr. Goodlatte is willing to debate in a way that serves the people

Andy Schmookler: More on People Power

Extraordinary things do happen. Of course, extraordinary occurrences are rare. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be extraordinary. But they do happen, and their happening is important to the course of history

Andy Schmookler announces ‘game-changer’ press conference

Sixth District Democratic Party congressional nominee Andy Schmookler had called the first press conference of his campaign. Schmookler will speak in three different locations on Aug. 2, and will make an announcement about his campaign at each location


Chris Graham: Uphill battle for Andy Schmookler

For a challenger, in particular, advertising is essential to building the basics to the foundation for a successful campaign – first, name recognition, then a positive image of the candidate, and finally knowledge of the issues and solutions to problems offered by the candidate

Andy Schmookler: People Power

You raise the good question, “How can Andy Schmookler win when his opponent has access to so much more money than he has?” The question could be rephrased, “How can People Power defeat the Money Power in America today”

Andy Schmookler to appear at Waynesboro Democratic Committee meeting

Sixth District congressional nominee Andy Schmookler will speak at a Waynesboro Democratic Committee meeting on Tuesday, July 24 at the Rosenwald Community Center

Andy Schmookler: Painting with another brush

In your recent “Painting the Valley blue” article, you characterize my candidacy as that of an “unabashed progressive,” and conclude on that basis that I’ve got an even greater mountain to climb to victory than some other Democrat might have in this very conservative district

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Chris Graham: Painting the Valley blue

Local Democrats were quite active on the political scene four years ago, and their hard work paid off

Schmookler to host event in Harrisonburg

Sixth District Democratic congressional nominee Andy Schmookler will host a brief talk for voters on the topic of “The Real Threat to Our American Liberties.” The event will be held in Downtown Harrisonburg on Monday, July 23 starting at 7 p.m

Andy Schmookler: Goodlatte’s extreme vote on roads bill

Mr. Goodlatte, I saw that you voted against the measure to fund transportation. Why? Surely you know that our roads and bridges and other infrastructure are in bad shape

Andy Schmookler: Goodlatte misleads on ObamaCare

Bob Goodlatte sent a grossly misleading email to Sixth District voters following the Supreme Court’s decision upholding the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

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Kwiatkowski, Schmookler confirmed for June 4 forum

Sixth District Democratic congressional nominee Andy Schmookler and Republican Party nomination candidate Karen Kwiatkowski will take part in a candidates forum

Nomination in hand, Schmookler challenges Goodlatte

The ink is barely dry on the paperwork, but Andy Schmookler isn’t wasting any time making the most out of his campaign’s latest accomplishment. “In the weeks and months ahead, I will be increasing my public challenges of Bob Goodlatte,” Schmookler wrote to his supporters in an email announcing he had secured the Democratic nomination […]

Schmookler submits ballot petitions

The Andy Schmookler for Congress campaign faced an unusual challenge, and met it with room to spare. Candidates seeking to be on a congressional primary ballot in Virginia must gather 1,000 signatures from registered voters in the district. While most candidates began gathering signatures Jan. 1, the decision to hold a Democratic primary in the […]

March 2012 SWAC Breakfast features Schmookler

Last month the SMAC Breakfast heard from Republican candidate Karen Kwiatkowski, and next month we will hear from Republican Congressman Bob Goodlatte. Continuing the Sixth District Congressional Candidate Series, this month we will hear from the Democratic candidate, Andy Schmookler. Bring your questions and come hear what his ideas are for the future of the […]

Andy Schmookler: The Challenger

In this corner, weighing in at 155 pounds, the challenger, Andy Schmookler. Cue up the theme from “Rocky” here, right? “I’m going up against a guy who’s been sitting in that seat for 20 years. So I’m the challenger in the ‘Rocky’ sense. But I’m also going to be the challenger in another sense,” said […]

Andy Schmookler: Shutdown

Republicans push themselves as patriots, but something about the claim and the way they act bothers Andy Schmookler. “In the last year-plus, three times they have basically threatened to do something that would be bad for the country if they weren’t given their demands met. A patriot doesn’t say, Meet my demands, or I’ll blow […]

Andy Schmookler: Global warming

Is global warming a real reason for concern? Sixth District Democratic congressional candidate Andy Schmookler doesn’t pretend to be an expert in climate science. He is smart enough to look at what those who are have to say. “There are people who have been told that the way science works is that we have essentially […]