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Cry the benighted country: What’s gone wrong in America

“Make America great again,” Trump says. Not a bad idea, but first we need to understand what’s gone wrong.

andy schmookler

Andy Schmookler: Is Mark Obenshain Virginia’s Scott Walker?

Months ago, when I publicly characterized the Virginia state senator from my district as “the man who would be Virginia’s Scott Walker,” I had no idea that there was or would be any direct connection between those two politicians.

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Andy Schmookler: Strike while The Donald is hot!

Today’s Republican Party is a disgrace like nothing ever seen before at center stage of American politics. From 2001 to 2009, it gave us the most lawless presidency in the history of the nation, and then from 2009 till now, it has given us the most obstructionist opposition party the nation has seen.

Andy Schmookler: What’s taking over America

If America is to be ruled by whoever commands the most money, it will be the corporate system, not individual billionaires, that calls the shots. This corporate system is more than the sum of individual corporations, or even of whole industries.

ALEC’s threatened SLAPP suit against the LCV: Another part of the assault on our democracy

Some thoughts about the press release that my wife, April Moore, put out earlier this week. In it, she challenged her opponent – Virginia State Senator (and apparent would-be-Virginia’s Scott Walker), Mark Obenshain – to condemn the suit threatened by corporate powerhouse ALEC against the League of Conservation Voters.

How did it get this bad?

How did it get this bad? A study published recently in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that telling conservatives that a light bulb is good for the environment makes them less likely to buy it.

Andy Schmookler: White privilege and the Right’s urge to kick down

What could explain the impulse to kick down shown by the likes of Bill “What White Privilege?” O’Reilly, nor by the rich men with whom Mitt Romney sought to ingratiate himself with his “47%” comment?

Compromise: A dirty word with the modern Republican Party

Never has “compromise” been treated as such a dirty word as by today’s Republican Party. Never has a party been less interested in working together to do the people’s business.

Ideas that can make Liberal America stronger

The imbalance in intensity in the political battle raging in America is largely due to the deficiency of moral and spiritual passion in Liberal America,

Andy Schmookler: Concerned about where our nation is heading?

Are you, like me, unhappy about where you sense our nation is heading? Do you, like me, fear that the prospects for our children and grandchildren will be darker than what we have known?

Andy Schmookler; Beliefs that make Liberal America weak

One important reason is that the battle playing out in our politics is fundamentally a moral and spiritual battle, and while the right is connected to their moral and spiritual passions (even though that connection has been made on the basis of lies) Liberal America is not.

The force is not with us: We identify with our fantasy heroes, why not emulate them?

The the destructive force that has arisen on the right is only one side of America’s present national crisis. The other side is the weakness of the response from Liberal America to this profound threat to our nation’s well-being.

Liberal America, You Don’t See What We’re Up Against, and It Matters

Liberal America does not perceive well the nature of the force that’s taken over the right. Not perceiving what we’re up against has enormous consequences, because understanding one’s foe has enormous implications for devising the best strategy for defeating it.

This Is What You Should Be Making This Election About, Mr. President

Hey, Mr. President. Why aren’t you out there on the hustings talking to the American people? There’s an election coming up, and the American political system is more dysfunctional than it’s been in generations, maybe ever.

Calling out the Republicans: Obama hasn’t, so we must

If Barack Obama had become president at a time of normal politics, with a normal opposition party, there’s no telling how much he could have accomplished.

Angry white men on the right

I have been thinking about the anger of many white men, and why they’ve lent the force of that anger to the political right.

The Republicans’ extraordinary pattern of destructiveness

In the conduct of today’s Republican Party, we can see a pattern of destructiveness.

Many liberals don’t like the idea of battle, but the alternative in America today is much worse

In America right now there’s a battle that needs to be fought and won in our political arena.

Andy Schmookler: Abdication of the press

I have claimed that America now faces one of the most profound crises in its history, but unlike with the other major crises, this time our national conversation has not focused on discussing what’s gone wrong and how it might be set right.

Andy Schmookler: Dispirited Liberal America

Some of my liberal friends say they have lost all hope for American democracy, and a great many others act as if they had.

Andy Schmookler: The politics of hostility

How did it come to this? How did our political life in America get to be so drenched in hostility?

Andy Schmookler: We see now more clearly all that the Supreme Court stole from the American people in Bush v. Gore

The decision in Bush v. Gore was so disgraceful on the face of it that the Court itself warned against using its “reasoning” in other cases. The five conservative justices elected Bush president.

Andy Schmookler: Duty means going beyond what we’d do for ourselves

Duty is an old-fashioned word. And as one who was part of the “counter-culture” more than forty years ago, I recall when such words were regarded with displeasure and even disapproval.

Andy Schmookler: I’m Not an ‘Us vs. Them’ Kind of a Guy

Let me stop for a moment to address a concern that, judging from my years of experience of communicating about these issues, some readers may now have about me.

Andy Schmookler: What kind of Christianity is this?

In the past several decades, a major force has entered the American political arena under an explicitly Christian banner. I’m talking about the Christian Right, which has aligned itself with the Republican Party. Has this alliance advanced the values that Jesus taught?

Andy Schmookler: Democrats should run on Citizens United amendment in midterms

Do the 2014 elections look promising for the Democrats? Not so far as I can tell. Do the Democrats have a bold plan to inspire the American people to turn the House back over to them? Not so far as I’ve heard.

Andy Schmookler to give talk on role of Liberal America

Andy Schmookler will present – and discuss – his understanding of the nature and roots of our national crisis in his upcoming talk on The Role of Liberal America in Our National Crisis.

Andy Schmookler: Would you want to know

I want to speak to the conservatives in this area. I know from experience that you are good neighbors, and that you make an admirable local society. But I am concerned about what’s happened with you in the larger political world. It’s not about your conservative values, which I regard as mostly valuable to America.

Andy Schmookler: I’m betting on Mark Obenshain acting honorably

Earlier this month, an alarm about Virginia’s razor-close Attorney General’s race sounded in some Democratic circles. Adam Swerver, in an article posted on the MSNBC website, declared that even if the defeat of Republican candidate Mark Obenshain is confirmed in a recount, he might still be able to have himself declared the winner.

Andy Schmookler: Press the battle, Mr. President

Good for you for standing your ground. I hope you’ve noticed how useful, for the overall political picture, it has been for you to hold firm and leave this Republican Party exposed as the reckless, anti-democratic, warlike force it has become.

Andy Schmookler: Let’s have that debate on surveillance, Mr. President

When the NSA surveillance programs were revealed a few weeks ago, President Obama acknowledged that they raised the issue of “striking this balance between the need to keep the American people safe and our concerns about privacy.” And he declared further, “I welcome that debate.”

Andy Schmookler: The Republicans’ shameful divide-and-conquer strategy

What’s better for democracy? Focusing on issues that divide us, and will likely always divide us, or focusing on values and goals that we share?

Andy Schmookler: Horses, not unicorns

In medicine there’s a saying, “When you hear hoof beats, think of horses not zebras.” Whatever’s going on is far more likely to be the usual than the extraordinary.

Andy Schmookler: A political strategy for Democrats in the Sixth District

I’ve got some ideas about what the best political strategy is for Democrats in a District like ours — Virginia’s 6th — and in the next two weeks I will be coming to two of the District’s major cities to talk about what we Democrats can accomplish. I hope you’ll attend

Andy Schmookler: If these are the early stages …

“If these are the early stages, I shudder to think what’s on the path ahead.” Two things brought that thought to mind.

Andy Schmookler: Capitalism’s proper role

During the Cold War, America capitalism was a positive influence, both as an idea and as a political force. The alternative was communism. The relative virtues were obvious.

Andy Schmookler: What we’re up against

I introduced my new project here on Augusta Free Press earlier in a posting called Swinging for the Fences. As I explained there, the project is intended to equip us to gain better control of our destiny, as a nation, as a civilization, as a species. It begins with understanding what we’re up against.

Andy Schmookler: We’re Number One

What are we to believe about the size of government and the level of government spending? Republicans say that the U.S. government has become way too big and that Americans are grossly overtaxed. Is that true?

Andy Schmookler: Swinging for the fences

For the past eight years – first as a blogger (at www.NoneSoBlind.org), and then as a candidate for Congress here in Virginia’s 6th District – I have fought to help my country confront the pathology that has arisen in our times in the American political system.

Andy Schmookler: What Romney and the GOP have in common

Many in the Republican base have complained that the erstwhile Massachusetts moderate, Mitt Romney, is not a fitting standard bearer for today’s Republican Party. But there’s a fundamental way that Romney is a perfect reflection of his party: Neither is honest with the American people.