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ACLU to school superintendents: Resist impulse to punish peaceful student protesters

The ACLU of Virginia has advised all public school superintendents in the Commonwealth that they cannot punish students who walk out of school as a form of protest more harshly than if they are absent from class for any other reason.

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ACLU offers guidance to students, school administrators regarding walkout protests

In light of widespread reports of planned student walkouts at public schools across the country in protest of school gun violence, including in Virginia, the ACLU of Virginia is offering guidance to students and school administrators.

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ACLU releases guidelines for protest permitting, raises concerns about rules for Lee Monument

The ACLU of Virginia today released a comprehensive set of recommendations for government agencies struggling with how to regulate free speech in a way that is legal and also protects public safety.

aclu virginia

ACLU files Freedom of Information Act request on Trump immigration ban

ACLU affiliates in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania filed a FOIA request to get details on the Trump immigration ban.

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ACLU: Culture of secrecy on executions must end

The ACLU of Virginia opposes the death penalty and seeks an end to its practice in Virginia.

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ACLU asks governor to stop Ricky Javon Gray execution

The ACLU of Virginia has asked Gov. Terry McAuliffe to grant a clemency request from death row inmate Ricky Javon Gray.

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ACLU to Gov. McAuliffe: Fully expand absentee voting

The ACLU of Virginia is advocating for universal no-excuse absentee voting accessible to all voters, both in person and by mail.

aclu virginia

ACLU opposes Virginia anti-LGBT privacy bill

ACLU of Virginia Executive Director Claire Guthrie Gastañana comments on HB 1612, an anti-LGBT privacy bill introduced by Del. Bob Marshall.

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ACLU reminds public school systems that they must protect immigrant students

The ACLU of Virginia has warned public school officials of their legal responsibility to head off incidents of harassment against immigrant students.

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ACLU questions Petersburg City Council commitment to open government

The ACLU of Virginia has urged Petersburg City Council to correct its practices regarding announcement and scheduling of meetings.

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ACLU joins free speech groups to oppose effort to label books ‘sexually explicit’ in Virginia

The ACLU has joined a call to reject a regulation requiring schools to notify parents whenever books containing “sexually explicit materials” are taught.

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ACLU to assist voters who have problems at polls

Virginia voters who have problems at the polls this Election Day are encouraged to call or write the ACLU for help.

Supreme Court will hear Virginia transgender school bathroom case

The Supreme Court will review a decision that found that federal anti-discrimination law protects the right of teenage boy who is transgender.

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ACLU: Virginia needs to follow law on voter registration snafu

The ACLU is pressing the state’s top election official to take immediate corrective action after the portal to register online to vote crashed.

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ACLU urges action regarding failure of online voter registration system

The ACLU of Virginia is deeply concerned about reports that some people were unable to register to vote on the final day of registration.

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ACLU files opposition to review in transgender student case

The ACLU is arguing that the Supreme Court should not review a ruling in a case in which a transgender boy was denied access to restrooms consistent with his gender identity.

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ACLU, Roanoke NAACP ask DOJ to investigate police killing of Kionte Spencer

The ACLU and the Roanoke NAACP have asked the Department of Justice to investigate the practices of the Roanoke County Police Department.

Civil rights complaint challenges discrimination Richmond Public Schools

Two students and the local branch of the NAACP have filed an anti-discrimination complaint against Richmond Public Schools.

ACLU, Virginia Organizing comment on voting rights case

Virginia Organizing and the ACLU of Virginia commented on the Virginia Supreme Court decision on restoration of civil rights.

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ACLU sides with McAuliffe in restoration of voting rights lawsuit

The ACLU has sided with Gov. Terry McAuliffe in a lawsuit to try to block the restoration of voting rights to 206,000 individuals convicted of a felony.

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Court orders school board to let transgender student use boys bathroom

A federal district court in Virginia today ordered the Gloucester County School Board to let Gavin Grimm use the same restrooms as other boys at his school.

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New ACLU report: Virginia prosecutors have ‘unparalleled power’

Local, elected prosecutors in Virginia hold tremendous influence over the criminal justice system but face few challenges to their authority.

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ACLU joins Virginia Legislative Black Caucus in rallies to support voting rights restoration

The Virginia Legislative Black Caucus in the ACLU of Virginia will host four Voices for the Vote Rallies across the Commonwealth.

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ACLU statement on governor’s executive order restoring voting rights

The ACLU of Virginia applauds Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s executive order restoring the voting rights of 206,000 Virginians convicted of felonies.