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AAA: Be prepared for snow, wintry driving conditions

Meteorologists have increased projected snowfall totals for Central Virginia, with some areas expected to see as much as a foot of snow.


A resolution to keep: Family disaster plans make a difference

Taking time to plan ahead can help your family prepare for the unexpected, and help ensure their safety in the car or at home.

Gas prices rising nearing holiday travel season

Gas prices across the Mid-Atlantic continue to be higher than this time last year, but in many regions are staying relatively stagnant.


AAA: Gas prices continue December climb

Gas prices have moved higher, attributed most likely to OPEC’s announcement to cut production on Nov. 30.

Gas prices rise as markets respond to OPEC deal

Gas prices have increased nationally for seven consecutive days, reaching today’s price of $2.18 per gallon.


Thanksgiving leftovers include rising gas prices

Gas prices across the Mid-Atlantic continue to creep upward – slightly in some areas, not so slightly in others.


AAA: Avoid driving distractions on the new Black Friday

Thanksgiving Day is the “new Black Friday,” with some big box stores throwing open their doors to shoppers on the holiday itself.


AAA: Top 5 Thanksgiving travel tips

AAA projects nearly 49 million people will travel for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and most will head out today.

AAA: Gas prices dropping heading into Thanksgiving

As more than 43 million Americans plan to hit the road for Thanksgiving, lower gas prices are on the menu.


Thanksgiving travel forecast: Virginia to see busiest travel since 2007

AAA projects that 1.3 million (1,373,482) Virginians will journey 50 miles or more from home this Thanksgiving holiday.

Virginia gas prices flat despite pipeline shutdown

Gas prices around the Mid-Atlantic region have remained relatively flat in the wake of the second Colonial Pipeline disruption in as many months.


Virginia gas prices dropping with pipeline restart

The average gas price in Virginia is down two cents compared to a week ago with some areas in the Commonwealth dipping below $2 per gallon.

AAA: Are gas prices headed back up?

Will gas prices jump as a result of the current issues facing the Colonial Pipeline in Alabama?


AAA: End of Daylight Saving Time means increased danger for drivers

The season of night driving begins on Sunday at 2:00 a.m. as Daylight Saving Time ends and the clocks are turned back once again.


Motorists warned to see the light as part of AAA Car Care Month

As part of Car Care Month, AAA is urging motorists to heed their car’s cry for attention and be aware of the red and yellow indicators.

AAA: Gas prices holding steady

Gas prices around the Mid-Atlantic region have stayed relatively steady throughout the week, but are higher than this time last year.

Don’t let Halloween haunt you

As excitement for Halloween builds, creative costumes and a bag full of goodies become top priorities, while safety, an afterthought.

AAA: Virginia gas prices still above $2 a gallon

Virginia average gas prices continue to hover above $2 per gallon since news of the Colonial Pipeline leak in Alabama last month.

AAA: Where were gas prices land?

Gas prices across much of the Mid-Atlantic region remain relatively steady with most states seeing slight weekly increases or decreases of two cents or less.

AA and DMV warn: Animal strikes on the rise in Virginia

A collision with a deer or other animal can put a serious dent in your vehicle, if not destroy it completely.

Gas prices up despite decreased demand

Despite the seasonal drop in demand for gasoline, gas prices have continued to increase across much of the Mid-Atlantic region.


AAA survey reveals top deadly mistakes made by teen drivers

Over the past five years, teen drivers were involved in nearly 14,000 fatal crashes and about a third of them – more than 4000 – involved speeding.

Hurricane Matthew, pipeline leak, refinery issues detour seasonal decline in gas prices

Gas prices have increased nationally for 12 of the past 14 days, reaching today’s price of $2.26 per gallon.


AAA urges motorists to prepare for new season of driving

AAA reminds motorists that cars need periodic checkups to maintain safety and maximize efficiency.

Gas prices increase as Hurricane Matthew impacts U.S.

Gas prices have climbed higher across much of Virginia in the past few days, in contrast to the slight dip they took last week.

Gas prices stabilize as Hurricane Matthew eyes East Coast

Gas prices in Virginia have stabilized following gas prices hikes experienced in September due disruptions experienced on the Colonial Pipeline.


AAA offers simple steps to keep vehicles road ready

October is Car Care Month and AAA is advising drivers not to get caught with their tires down. Vehicle maintenance is key.

Gas prices heading back down with pipeline back up and running

Gas prices in most of the Mid-Atlantic region have begun to decline slightly for the first time since the Colonial Pipeline began pumping again.


AAA: Wet weather driving tips

AAA Mid-Atlantic is urging drivers to plan ahead, use caution and pack some patience when driving.

AAA: Gas prices starting to stabilize

Gas price hikes have slowed to a halt after rising a total of 13 cents per gallon on average since Sept. 16 due to disruptions on the Colonial Pipeline.

Gas prices should be stabilizing soon: AAA

Gas prices fluctuated this week across some regions of the Mid-Atlantic due to repairs to the Colonial Pipeline in Alabama.

Virginia gas prices climb 11 cents in a week

Virginia has had some of the highest average gas price hikes nationwide since last week rising 11 cents per gallon on average compared to a week ago.

Pipeline leak impacting Virginia gas prices: Up 5 cents since Friday

Gas prices are up five cents since Friday in Virginia and are likely to continue to rise this week due to an early September leak in the Colonial Pipeline.


AAA: Gas prices falling in Mid-Atlantic

Gas prices nationally and across the Mid-Atlantic region started to fall on Labor Day weekend.


Labor Day Weekend is here: Gas prices still inching up

According to a AAA survey, 55 percent of Americans say they are more likely to take a road trip this year because of lower gas prices.

Gas prices back over $2 a gallon in Valley, Virginia

Gas prices in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast have moved higher over the past week due to rising crude oil prices.

AAA: Gas prices inch up toward end of summer season

The summer driving season is in its final stretch, and regional gas prices are rising slightly, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic.

AAA: Gas prices holding steady

Although gas prices have gone up slightly in some areas around the Mid-Atlantic region, the national gas average has remained relatively steady.


AAA: Gas prices reach lowest mark in over 100 days

Gas prices in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast continue to drop with Virginia, New Jersey, and Delaware now below $2 per gallon.

AAA: Gas prices below $2 across much of Mid-Atlantic

Gas prices across the Mid-Atlantic region continue to drop, and average prices in New Jersey, Virginia and Delaware are now below $2 per gallon.

AAA: Gas prices stabilizing with start of summer

Gas prices haven’t changed much in the last week and have fluctuated five cents or less in the last month, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic.