Support Michael for re-election as Augusta GOP chair

Op-Ed by Bill Mitchell

Kurt Michael, the gentleman Sen. Emmett Hanger recently called a “bully” and “divisive,” is anything but that. He is a Christian gentleman who conducts himself above reproach.

Last year Emmett Hanger’s group disparaged intraparty competition for the State Senate seat he currently holds. Now they proclaim competition is a great thing, and they have ganged up on Kurt Michael with five candidates, including Hanger’s wife, campaign manager, the chairman of the Augusta County Board of Supervisors, and two other Hanger supporters.

There are seven other unit chairmen in Emmett Hanger’s 24th Senate District, and none of them supported him at this time last year. I don’t see any of them standing up for Emmett Hanger now. The facts don’t support Emmett Hanger’s words. If Kurt Michael is divisive, so are all of the other chairmen.

I appeal to all who are fed up with this political arrogance to come out and finally do something about it. Vote to re-elect Kurt Michael chairman of the Augusta County Republican Party at their mass meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the Government Center on Thursday, April 10th.


Bill Mitchell resides in Augusta County.

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