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Supplements for reducing hangovers

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The modern American enjoys a life built on years of hardships, sacrifice, and innovation. The spectrum is a somewhat balancing act, weighing out the positives against the negatives. Finding ways to improve public health, increase living conditions, and adapt to changing environments has brought many new products to the American market that can assist with the process.

One such product is Rallymate, a dietary supplement that has been scientifically created to mitigate the draining effects caused by heavy drinking. Its relatively new appearance on the market shouldn’t go unnoticed, as it’s already proven to be more effective than current products on the market. Rallymate brings a copious amount of great additions, being both vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and produced in an FDA registered facility.

The benefits of Rallymate

Any person who uses hangover supplements, pills, capsules, powders, or other remedies are looking for something that will host the best amount of benefits. A big benefit Rallymate capsules carry is its ability to reduce inflammation and toxin build-up caused by alcohol. Research in the field has shown that alcohol deprives the body of its glutathione reserves, an important antioxidant cleaning the body from toxins. The Rallymate supplement uses amino acids to increase and revitalize the body’s production of glutathione and metabolized alcohol which in effect supports healthy liver function.

Additionally, Rallymate has seen positive effects for rehydrating and replenishing essential vitamins and minerals, increasing energy levels, and reducing inflammation. The team behind the supplement has spent a copious number of hours creating something that will effectively support and maintain the protection of the user’s liver.

How does Rallymate compare to other products?

Compared to current popular brands such as Bytox, Cheers, Blowfish, Liquid IV, Morning Recovery, and Flyby, American consumers will notice the rapid and ongoing change in negative symptoms brought on by heavy drinking. In a double-blind study conducted by the team, 93% or participants reported a noticeable improvement in hangover symptoms. On average they reported an 83% decrease in headaches, 76% increase in energy levels and 87% increase in a better sleeping pattern after taking a few Rallymate capsules.

The study conducted showed that compared to other brands, better outcomes and more positive side effects managed to show lasting results compared to taking a regular placebo. The optimistic trials show the company’s eagerness to surpass current market leaders and bring a supplement that works in all its promises.

Capsules or transdermal patches, what works better?

Although many have seen the great effects brought on by using patches to help prevent and cure hangovers but also helping to put an end to certain addictions such as smoking. The available research on transdermal patches has been lacking traction, as Rallymate has measured their product against the effectiveness of these patches.

Two key factors that are noted for the effective transmission of compound delivery are solubility and particle size. Current products and patches on the market lack these two factors, with some only working after hours after application, or not fully functioning. With this, it’s also safe to keep in mind that the skin acts as a barrier that helps to shield the body against any unwanted toxins entering the body – thus, effective transmission won’t always be present when used.

Combined with a variety of ingredients, Rallymate uses a multi-pronged attack to ultimately reduce the negative symptoms caused by drinking and can be consumed before or after drinking. Although not entirely a cure for hangover symptoms, the Rallymate capsules are more rapidly effective than the use of transdermal patches.

Why is Rallymate so different?

Depending on how you may look at it, any hangover supplement can bring about some sort of relief. Rallymate is a product that is backed and supported by both scientific research and medical professionals. With this, it’s also good to note that each Rallymate capsule holds a wide variety of ingredients such as ginger root extract, taurine, milk thistle, vine tea extract, and prickly pear extract to name just a few. The alternative and plant-based ingredients have shown to be more helpful, as the non-GMO supplement manages to metabolize your bodily functions and help protect a healthy liver function.

Final take

Rallymate is a safer, and vegan-friendly option, although it may not completely cure hangovers, it functions more promptly against the current selection of supplements on the market.

Story by Virginia Sagal