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Summer school at Fishburne Military School: A building block to success

Chandler Bryant arrived at summer school at Fishburne Military School in need of direction and focus.

“My grades were slipping a little bit, and my parents decided, Hey, how about we just send you here?” said Bryant, a B-C student in public schools back in Virginia Beach.

To say that the summer-school experience did Bryant some good would be to understate things wildly. A solid A-B student after a summer at FMS, Bryant and his family decided to enroll him at the military school for the 2011-2012 academic year, and he flourished, maintaining his honor-roll grades and gaining from the strong emphasis at Fishburne on leadership and self-discipline.

All from a small building block in the summer, where students at Fishburne get heavy doses of schoolwork, JROTC training and sports and other extracurriculars.

The coursework is rigorous, with classes offered including English, biology, chemistry, algebra, geometry, history, government and SAT prep. The JROTC training is equally demanding – with a focus on development of each student’s ability to achieve leadership, character and academic success.

Cadets on campus for a summer at FMS have access to daily sports camps for soccer, basketball, golf, football, tennis, wrestling and strength training and conditioning. An added benefit is the schedule of Wednesday-afternoon activities including rappelling, orienteering, and building a one-rope bridge.

FMS also offers a summer-school aviation program in conjunction with Eagle’s Nest Airport in Waynesboro giving cadets the opportunity to learn more about aviation through both classroom and hands-on experience.

Bryant, now on track to graduate from Fishburne Military School in 2014, knows about hands-on experience as far as the benefits of summer school at Fishburne Military School are concerned. He’s happy to tell anybody else who’s thinking about doing summer school at Fishburne to get off the fence and get packing.

“I recommend going to summer school because you make good friends, really good guys here. It’s a great place. You get a great experience from it. There are great leaders here. It’s just a life-changing thing. You’re brothers forever,” Bryant said.



Contact Cedrick Broadhurst, FMS Admissions Director, for more information about summer school or to schedule a campus tour. He can be reached at or by calling 800.946.7773.

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