Suggestions on ways of finding the best divorce lawyer

Ask a Lawyer

In case you know any lawyer, ask him or her for a referral to a great divorce lawyer. She or he will know several people that devote a significant portion of their practice to divorce, separation, and related issues. For instance, a lawyer that has been handling divorce cases for thirty years and his reputation is good in the market is the right one for your situation. Any lawyer that is worth this salt should have an established reputation among other lawyers in the competition in the field of divorce cases. Lawyers know the right individual for a divorce case, and they know the person to see if they are facing divorce and separation.

Yellow Pages and the Internet

While not the best source of info, the internet and Yellow Pages can be the beginning source of names of attorneys. Lawyers that do not mention military divorce, divorce, separation, and related areas like proper division or support and custody, are not looking for cases in that area and do not devote so much time of practice to those areas. Be wary of adverts that include a list of all things below the sun. You need to be keen about companies that are jacks of all trades and being masters of none. Do not go for someone that is not focusing on family law. You need to remember that not all people that have a website, an internet space, or available on Yellow Pages can give you the service you desire.

Talk to Many Attorneys

The truth is that you need to interview several attorneys. Ask every attorney about another person that handles divorce and separation in your locality. If they do not give you a name, leave their office, when you notice names showing up on different recommendation lists, the odds are that they have been doing these cases regularly.

Employ a Checklist


The longer the lawyer has been practising divorce means they know more. There is an adage that states that good lawyers know the law and great lawyers know the jungle. The difference between a great lawyer and good lawyer is the experience.

Going to the court concerning family law unless you need to is similar to the sledgehammer on the flea problem; you might kill a few, but you wreak damage to the house’s structure. When people settle their cases out of the court, they can be more creative than a court would be in fashioning a remedy that is fair to all parties. At times, an agreement is not possible. If that is the case, you need an experienced attorney from the law office of Amanda J. Cook PLLC to advocate for your position because he has a successful track record.

Respect in the legal community

Has the lawyer of choice taught or lectured? What are other lawyers saying about him? Has he instructed young lawyers?


Has the divorce lawyer written any accepted thing in legal journals? This is a sign of respect for your lawyer and his experience and skills. Has he published something to educate the general public regarding their responsibilities, rights, and duties under the law?


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