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Success is overrated

Stop the Presses column by Chris Graham

Something ba-a-a-a-d’s going to happen to me.

I just know it.

And I’m thinking, for the record … it’s going to be really ba-a-a-a-d.

Really, really ba-a-a-ad.

Because I’m due.


(Make that way, WAY overdue.)

Don’tcha hate how you get that feeling sometimes – that something untoward has to be in the cards because things are …

Well …

Going too good?

Take me, for example.

(To the Super Bowl. If you have an extra ticket. Please. Bada bing.)

I’ve been worried as all get-out since the end of this day last week that was among my better ones … ever.

You know the kind of day.

Everything went my way.

Work was a breeze.

The radio show was among my better efforts.

My YMCA basketball team had the best practice I’ve ever had the privilege of being a part of.

The first thing that went through my mind on my way home from practice was …

Drive slow.

Don’t get in an accident.

Because something bad’s going to happen.

Because today was so good.

And I’m due.


Way, WAY …

Let’s just say that I followed my instincts.

Oh yeah.

I might as well have been 80 years old in Florida, I was driving so slow.

Turtles were passing me – on the inside lane.

“I’m doomed,” I said more than once as my Geo sputtered homeward.

(One turtle gave me the finger. At least I hope it was the finger.)


So …

Why is it that …

I don’t know …

That it seems that we human types tend to dread success?

You know what I’m saying?

It’s strange how it is – how we’re not happy until we reach a certain level of success, but once we get there, we hate going too far with it.

What’s especially strange is that nobody wants to go through life a miserable failure – though I’d be willing to bet that people who are miserable failures are probably more happy with themselves than those who are the opposite.

Consider, for example, the plight of your average billionaire.

Have you ever seen a happy billionaire?

Or a happy – a genuinely happy – Hollywood movie star?

Or millionaire baseball player?

All you hear about is the burdens of stardom, the trappings of making it.



(Sounds like something that rodents leave behind.)

As for me …

I want to be happy again.

So I’m endeavoring to be less successful in the future.

It was fun being on top of the world for a few hours and all, but …


(Published 01-13-03)

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