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If you work in an industry that poses a risk to your safety in any way, you might already be familiar with safety goggles. Most people who think of safety goggles have a mental picture of something that they would never wear outside of the workplace. Today’s stylish safety goggles are so versatile that they can be worn in the factory, the office, or anywhere you would normally wear any prescription glasses.

It’s important to protect yourself

Protecting your eyes is incredibly important, and not just in workplaces that pose a direct threat of traumatic injury. The need to protect the eyes from screens and infectious fluids is needed in a litany of industries, and unfortunately, not all employers provide free eye protection to their employees or even make it clear that the eyes should be protected with goggles or blue light lenses.

Since it might be the burden of the employee to make sure that their eyes are protected, finding low-cost, effective, and multipurpose safety glasses is something that most people need.

Top four reasons to wear safety glasses

There are lots and lots of reasons to wear safety glasses, and here are just a few incredibly important reasons to protect your eyes from potentially blinding injuries, illnesses, and more.

  1. Preventing traumatic injury: when working in areas that have open construction work or other cases of projectiles being launched into the air for various reasons going on, the face needs to be protected from penetrating and blunt injury to the eyes and the orbital bones surrounding the eyes, as well. This is a big risk that occurs on construction sites, shooting ranges, along roadways, in mines, and multiple other workplaces or recreation areas.
  2. Preventing illness: the eyes have surrounding mucous membranes and tear ducts that allow microbes to penetrate into the body easily, accessing the circulatory system and causing disease or death. By protecting the eyes from the majority of splash exposures, or exposure to particulates that might float in the air, or get projected into the air, safety glasses can literally save lives. Hospitals, clinics, laboratories, certain factories, factory farms, and any other place that might put you at risk for splash exposure are key areas to protect the face and eyes with safety goggles.
  3. Preventing injury from bright or otherwise unsafe kinds of light: modern safety goggles may also include lenses that block blue light, making them appropriate safety attire for the office setting. Sunlight contains much more harmful kinds of light than screens do, so that is another reason to wear safety goggles in outdoor work settings. Special lenses are needed to work around the welder’s torches.
  4. Preventing injury from splash exposure or aerosolized chemicals: agribusiness is one of the best examples of why safety goggles that protect the areas surrounding the eyes are a great investment to make if you work in that. Aerosolized or droplet forms of chemicals that are used to treat crops can cause great harm to the eyes if they come in contact with them. Splash exposure is a major risk in healthcare or corrections environments, and clear eyesight is also essential in those kinds of jobs.

Style meets function

With so many good reasons to wear safety goggles, the fact that safety glasses can easily be found that are prescription, and stylish enough to be worn anywhere makes it a great time to invest in safety goggles/glasses to protect yourself. You only get one set of eyes, so any time the eyes can be protected from dangerous situations is the best time to invest in that protection.

The modern safety goggle is fashionable, multipurpose, and affordable enough to buy more than one pair. Check out the amazing safety goggles that are available, and protect your eyes at home, at work, and everywhere else.

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