Students, get in here: Check out these strategies for securing summer internships

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Regardless of how lame or stupid they may sound, there are no bad questions, right? Well, at least that’s what our teachers and professors had us believe while growing up. In a similar vein, irrespective of how small or large a company might be, there are no bad internships. Be it with a startup, non-profit organization, large enterprise, or what have you; there is tremendous value in an internship. In fact, history has it that there are still lots of hidden benefits with internships that go bad. Yes, you read that, right!

However, for all its benefits, securing an internship is nothing short of a daunting task. And without the right info and planning, one might spend months applying to several internship positions without being able to secure one eventually. So, if you’re like most college students and college grads and would like to leverage the summer holiday as an opportunity to intern with a company or firm, there is no better time to begin your preparation than now.

So, what exactly are the things one needs to do or have to land an internship this summer? Well, the answers to that are locked within this post. So you just sit tight and enjoy the post as we advance to the next frame.

Your application form and letters

It is no news that most companies require students to fill out application forms, submit cover letters, and take tests amongst other requirements before they can be deemed qualified for an internship position. But have you ever wondered why such strenuous procedures are required? Well, it is because the competition for internship positions is getting fiercer by the day. As such, companies have no choice but to try and trim down the number of applicants. So, in order not to be among the list of students that would be cut off this coming summer, you need to start working on your cover letter writing skills and aptitude test skills, amongst other relevant skills. To aid your preparation, you can check out this website, for tips and hints towards getting prepared for your next internship application process.

Find the right match for your goals

Yes, internships are quite hard to come by, but have you really taken the time to define what you want? Finding the right internship and being able to secure it is all about fit and balance. For instance, while a large company offers you the brand recognition you need to boost your profile and CV, it might not present you with the opportunities you need to hone the skills you desire or the experience you crave. Not because large companies don’t have the platforms for students to develop, but most times, the capacity of interns is often limited within the organization. Furthermore, students often make the mistake of only going after the internships they desire, and not the ones that are available. Yes, it would be pretty nice to work with the biggest fashion brand around, but what if the company has already filled its internship slots? In this light, it is highly recommended that you search both large and small companies, and not limit your options. If a large company rejects you, chances are smaller firms would be willing to take you. And before you start prioritizing brand recognition, remember that experience and skills are what you need and not the popularity of the company you’re working with.

Look beyond the job titles

Unfortunately, almost every student out there is guilty of only seeking internship opportunities based on job titles. When looking to find an internship, don’t limit yourself to only opportunities that seem like a match for your specific background. For example, if you’re an engineering major, look for opportunities with employers looking for interns with strong analytical, interpretation, and problem-solving skills, among other soft skills.

Explore industries

Perhaps you’ve spent months seeking internship opportunities, but all your efforts have come to no avail. Well, have you thought about trying a different industry? Yes, your discipline is in the health industry, but why not take up a position in the IT industry? While this may seem counterintuitive to you at first glance, you’d be glad you did eventually. Yes, working in an industry of choice would present you with an opportunity to do what you love and enjoy, but if it doesn’t work out, keep in mind that the skills learned in other industries are just as valuable, and you never can tell when they might come in handy.

Research companies with dedicated internship programs

Oh, you didn’t know that some companies actually have some dedicated programs in place to cater to college grads seeking internships? Well, large companies with dedicated internship programs are committed to developing future full-time hires. So, in order to further increase your chances of getting an internship position come this summer, it is recommended that you start looking for those companies with dedicated internship programs.

Attend campus fairs and meetups

While still in school, you should try to attend conferences, fairs, and other developmental events. Beyond your classrooms, these events will present you the opportunities you need to meet face-to-face with prospective employers, network with colleagues, and build a stronger profile for future internship applications.

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