Sting tweets: And now we’re supposed to believe he’s coming back

stingSting has been silent on social media since the death of Ultimate Warrior in April. And then today, he tweeted, not once, but twice, and in so doing has the wrestling world all aflutter.

The tweets – one a blank, black screen, the second a date, 07.14.14 – have fans thinking aloud that Sting has finally signed the deal with WWE that has been rumored since his TNA contract expired in January.

That deal has been reported as a fact numerous times, first placing Sting opposite Undertaker in the walkup to WrestleMania 30, then having him take an on-air general manager role after ‘Mania.

In actuality, Sting has already signed a deal, but it was a limited legends deal that has had him filming some interview segments but little else.

That 07.14.14 is the date of the next Monday Night Raw is adding to the speculation that the Sting-WWE relationship has ramped up.

Don’t bet on it.

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