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Steps on how to find land for rent

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As a farmer, there are times when you need to expand your acreage – but where do you start? Finding additional acres to supplement your ever-growing farm can be a  difficult and tedious search if you don’t know where to look.

Furthermore, you may not want to pull the trigger on purchasing additional acres if you are not 100% sure about your next business venture. Instead, leasing a farm could be your best option. Visit the site and let’s go over the steps of how to find a plot to lease.

Resources to find land for rent

When finding land for rent to expand your farm or your household acreage, there are some resources you can utilize to quickly find available plots and simplify your search. Let’s go over some reputable and trustworthy general, nationwide, and local resources to make your internet search quick and reliable.

General resources to find land for rent

  • Center for Rural Affairs Finding Land to Farm – features ideas of setting up your new farm and providing additional education links.
  • Finding Land to Farm: Six Ways to Secure a Farmland – a National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service publication, this informational guide provides six ways to find land for rent in your area.
  • Land for Good – contains sections for farm seekers, landowners, farm planners, educators, land advisors, and communities as a whole to help find land for rent.
  • USDA-ERS Land Use and Land Tenure – analyzes farmland prices throughout different areas of the country, statistical information, and research reports of the most expensive land for rent in the competing areas of states.

National resources to find land for rent

  • – lists land for rent, specifically farmland in your area that is available to lease on a monthly or yearly basis.
  • Farmers Connect – brose the classifieds page to find land for rent
  • Shared Earth – helps connect farmers and gardeners who are both looking for plots of land to expand their business. In addition, this site connects those looking for land for rent with those who are trying to sell or lease acreage.
  • AgriSeek – lets you search for farms for sale according to specific land quality, categories, and location within your state.
  • – the first online marketplace for renting farmland, making it easy to rent farmland and promote sustainable practices.
  • Farmland Information Center – provides information about farmland protection, letting you know legally how and where you can find land for rent.

Regional and state resources to find land for rent

  • Midwest: use Land Link-Up to find farmland for sale, land for rent, and wanted farmland
  • Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire: browse the Farmland Resources Link to find land availability in the Northeast.
  • Upper Midwest: look at the seeking Farmers-Seeking Land Clearinghouse Listings to find land for rent in the upper Midwestern states.


When searching online for land for rent, it can make your life 10x easier by narrowing down your extensive list of websites to just the ones you need. By browsing the national, general, and local resources to find farmland available for lease, you can prevent spending hours of time typing away at your computer.

Story by Brad Bernanke

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