Staying connected during your South Korea trip

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With all the fascinating discoveries, excitements, and fun that South Korea has to offer, there is always going to be a part of someone that longs for home, those bits of you that miss the life and activities at home. So, how do you keep tabs with home? How do you ensure you don’t miss out on too much while you are several miles away? Well, Korea provides you with an endless solution to those, all of which wouldn’t even put a hole in your wallet. As an expat in Korea, you will be surprised to know that many of the things you will find in the country are relatively cheaper than you would find them in other parts of the world. For instance, watching your favorite sports events can be as cheap as “free” when you watch on 먹튀, one of the best sport broadcasting companies in South Korea. Maybe you are a sports lover and you are worried you may never be able to stay in touch with your favorite sports once you go to Korea. Have no fears, you can always catch up with whatever sport you love for free in Korea; be it EPL, NBA, MLB, there is always a solution to help ease the hassle. While many may argue that there is, indeed, no place like home; one can still make South Korea a home away from home. Here is a list of solutions to help you stay connected with whatever – from home – you don’t want to miss out on.

Bring your mobile device along and be ready to get a new SIM card

If you want to stay in touch with your loved ones via calls or surf the internet conveniently in Korea, your best bet would be to come along with your own mobile device. The only inconvenience would be informing your contacts back home about your new number. To get a new SIM card in Korea, you will have to meet the following requirements:

  • Make your phone SIM-free before coming

Many mobile phones have SIM lock or network lock designed only for some specific network providers. If yours is built this way, be sure to contact your home service provider and let them know you need yours to be SIM-free because you are travelling.

  • SIM card slot available

Very much like the reason of locking a phone, certain phones of unique versions using CDMA networks in the US and Canada don’t have SIM card slot.

  • Ensure your mobile device supports WCDMA 2100 MHz frequencies, Windows, Android, and iOS.

Try renting a portable Wi-Fi

South Korea is indeed blanketed with free Wi-Fi. Hence, there is always something to get you connected to the internet and chat with your loved ones everywhere you go. However, if you really want to enjoy guaranteed connection then a portal device is the right way to go. The reason for this is that you will always need a secure, fast, and reliable connection if you want to stream your favorite sports, chat with friends, or catch up with your favorite actions back home. You can get what is called an “egg” – a kind of pocket Wi-Fi router or pocket modem. Eggs are relatively inexpensive and some Korean renters even claim that the price of their egg is cheaper that a cup of coffee. Depending on the version of egg you are getting, battery hours vary from 5-9 hours on full-charge, and guess what; 2-5 people can even use one egg simultaneously. Some of the most popular egg names amongst expats include KT Wi-Fi router, Wifi Korea, LTE router, and Pocket WiFi Korea.

Go prepaid

Alternatively, if you don’t want to get an egg, you can buy a prepaid Wi-Fi ID. This option is relatively cheaper and more flexible than an egg. Once you arrive in Korea, you can buy the account – from stores – whenever you are ready to start reaching out to those at home. Some popular Wi-Fi ID can be found at shopping centers, attractions, universities, and many other places across the country.

Rent a local phone

If you don’t really mind using a second-hand phone, you can save yourself the stress and rent a smartphone from companies like Global roaming or SK Telecom. South Korea, being a tech-savvy country, produces some of the best quality mobile phones in the world, so you have nothing to worry about regarding call quality and excellent services. The two mobile companies mentioned above offer free domestic incoming calls, call charge, SMS, and a minimum of 1 GB of 3G data.


Another amazing way to stay connected with your life back home is to leach off of ubiquitous free Wi-Fi. The moment you land in Incheon Airport, you are well connected. From free Wi-Fi connections offered by many major telecom giants to free internet connections in many public areas like cafes, buses, accommodations, malls, buses.

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