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Stay safe and get beer delivered right to your door

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You are planning for a big party with your family and friends. Everything from food to entertainment is prepared; everything is just as it should be. But it suddenly hits you. No beer or wine in the house.

You have to choose to go to the beer shop quickly or use the beer delivery option. Yes, beer can be delivered right to your door.

How to order your beer?

Most of the shopping has gone online, especially after the pandemic. Food and drinks are one of the most ordered products in the last year. Alcohol and stiff drinks are not an exception.

Ordering beer is now as easy as ordering a pizza. All you need to do is to pick a reliable application or website and choose your favorite drink.

There are two types of online beer sellers; direct beer sellers or beer marketplaces.

Direct beer sellers

These are known beer sellers who have online shops to sell their products. They will most likely have pickup and delivery options, and more often, you know some of these and already have a favorite drink.

Beer marketplaces

These websites and applications act as a connection between beer sellers and buyers. They are platforms where beer sellers can display their products, and buyers have a wide variety of options.

Now, you have probably guessed which is better. While direct sellers are guaranteed, and you may have already tried one of them before, marketplaces will give a wide range of options to try new mixes.

Most beer marketplaces provide delivery service only. They have not licensed alcohol or beer sellers as they don’t sell their products. Yet, the drink you purchase is sold by an authorized liquor seller on their platform.

The next step is to choose the product and place your order. Beer delivery functions in the same way as Uber Eats and other food delivery applications. They will pick your drink from the store and go directly to the delivery address.

Are there any considerations when ordering beer?

Easy as it is, online beer shopping has several considerations sellers and buyers need to take care of.

First, beer is restricted to a certain age, which varies from one place to the other. So, some sellers will require an ID from the one who will receive the order.

Second, alcohol shipping laws have some restrictions regarding shipping between states. Other cities prohibit direct alcohol shipping to the customers. For this, some beer marketplaces are not operating in some states.

However, online beer shopping has an advantage over on-ground shopping. Besides, online shopping’s ease of the process puts various options at your fingertips to compare the prices.

Features to look for in the chosen beer marketplace

  • Variety of options: If you love trying new things, you need to find a website that offers a wide variety of options. Some will allow you to create your mixes too.
  • Fast delivery: The idea behind home delivery is to get your order quickly and fast without going and getting it yourself. Online marketplaces with the quickest delivery are the best.
  • Website or App functionality: Some people get bored quickly. If you are one of those, you need a website that offers easy and user-friendly navigation and search process.

Home delivery is one of the best services in most industries. If you can think of one positive thing that the pandemic has brought, it promotes home delivery service in all fields.

Stay safe in your home and order your favorite beer now. But before you order, don’t forget to check the website for your specific state laws.

Story by Stephen Holm

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